As everyone knows, starring in reality shows can make or break couples, and some “My 600-Lb Life” stars’ relationships didn’t fare well after their weight loss. As reported by InTouch, Zsalynn Whitworth’s husband wanted her to keep her larger frame and told her, “I’m not buying you a salad. If you want to eat grass, you can go in the garden and graze.” In the follow-up episode, Whitworth revealed that she had since divorced. “[My husband] hasn’t found much good in my changes. It’s time for us to admit it’s over,” she stated. Laura Perez’s husband didn’t like her changes either, as they took away his power over taking care of her. “The better I get, the worse my relationship is getting. [Joey] acts a little different, like ‘Oh, you don’t need me.’ I had told him, ‘I need you to support me not take care of me,'” Perez shared.

Steven Assanti’s brother, Justin Assanti, wished he had never been on “My 600-Lb Life” in the first place. In a Reddit Q&A, when a fan asked him if he would star in the show again, he replied, “I would rather seek out options before signing away the rights to my name, my life, etc. I went from no one knowing I existed to being harassed all day on social media, my business, and phone calls. I wouldn’t do it again.”

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