Look how tight those net run rates are.

India go through undefeated. They will face England in a semi-final at 12:30am (AEST) on Friday.

A wild match of cricket, with three teams ultimately vying for the last semi-final spot.

After another quick break, all is clear for the match to resume.

These Caribbean storms really don’t have much behind them.


Afghanistan take their 10th wicket, courtesy of an LBW to Naveen-ul-Haq, to clinch a remarkable eight-run win over Bangladesh in the most dramatic fashion. It comes with seven balls to spare.

Australia won’t make the last four. Neither will Bangladesh.

Afghanistan have qualified for the semi-finals of this tournament and will face South Africa on Thursday at 10:30am AEST.

It’s a huge achievement for the country, particularly after their brilliant win over Australia on Sunday.

Naveen-ul-Haq takes Afghanistan’s ninth wicket. Taskin chops one onto his stumps.

Bangladesh need nine runs from eight balls to win the game.

Nervous times for Australia.

Wow. Players are now coming off for rain.

Before that wicket, Bangladesh were in front by one run on DLS.

After that wicket, Bangladesh are now behind by three runs.

What drama.

It’s as tight as it gets.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Bangladesh blocked out the last couple of overs to deprive Australia of a spot in the last four.

A run a ball from Bangladesh gets Australia home.

The Aussie boys are watching the game from their hotel in St Lucia.


Howzat?Credit: AP

A fighting half century there from Bangladesh’s Litton Das. He’s keeping his country in this contest, even if their hopes of making a semi-final have been dashed.

An LBW shout from the final ball of the 16th over goes upstairs but it’s deemed not out.

Bangladesh 8-98 after 16 overs.

If Bangladesh score 16 runs in the next 18 balls, Australia will play South Africa in a semi-final on Thursday at 10:30am AEST. Keep in mind, one over was lost due to poor weather.

Afghanistan, who knocked off Australia on Sunday, would be out of the tournament.

Never have more Australians been interested in a Bangladesh and Afghanistan cricket fixture.

I still can’t get over Afghanistan’s Gulbadin Naib taking a dive at first slip to try and waste time there. Hilarious because play was only delayed a few minutes. Some serious questions need to be asked of former England cricketer Jonathan Trott, who is Afghanistan’s coach. Spirit of cricket?

BANG: Afghanistan have their eighth wicket.

Bangladesh are now 8-92. They need 22 from 28 balls for victory, which would get Australia into a semi-final.

Australian players will be watching through their fingers (if they’re still awake).

“This is the most amazing night out and it hasn’t been quality stuff. It’s been bizarre,” says Ian Smith in commentary.

It’s 12:42am local time.

Afghanistan’s captain Rashid Khan kicks at the ball.

Afghanistan’s captain Rashid Khan kicks at the ball. Credit: AP

That wasn’t long. Players back on the field. Trying to see whether first slip has made a miracle recovery.

Reduced target now for Bangladesh, who have a revised total of 114 in 19 overs.

If they can achieve that, Australia will make the last four. What drama.

Bangladesh 7-82 (need 32 from 42 balls).

What is going on!

Players have come from the field due to rain. Afghanistan is ahead by two runs on DLS.

Bangladesh are 7-81 after 11.4 overs. They’re all but out of the tournament.

However, an Afghanistan player, knowing the rain was coming, has taken a dive at first slip just as Rashid Khan was about to bowl a delivery.

He’s clutched at his leg and fallen to the ground. His skipper, Rashid Khan, could see that it was a deliberate time-wasting tactic. He clearly wasn’t a fan. Hamstring? Cramp? Nothing?

As first slip is attended by medical staff, umpires instruct for the covers to come on. Convenient stuff, given Afghanistan had an early lead.

It appears like coach Jonathan Trott ran a message out to slow the play down. That will be scrutinised closely.


Rashid Khan strikes for Afghanistan, taking a couple of wickets in as many balls to bring their final four hopes alive. He has 4-17 from three overs.

Afghanistan need to win the match to progress.

Bangladesh are 7-80 from 11 overs. They need 116 to win the match. If they want to make the last four – and therefore kick Australia out of the tournament – they need 26 from the next seven balls.

Bangladesh has edged to 5-77 after 10 overs in this run chase. Their hopes of a semi-final finish are slim.

“There’s about five games within a game,” says Kiwi commentator Ian Smith.

If it rained now, Australia would get through to the last four.

Fascinating stuff. Australia want Bangladesh to cruise to victory here (after 12.1 overs). They won’t be able to believe their luck if it happens and they get a crack at South Africa on Thursday.

But a couple of wickets here and Afghanistan could swoop. Keep in mind Rashid Khan (2-14 off two) has two overs up his sleeve.

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