Bunnie Xo was born in Houston, where her mother, Vanessa, stripped for a living, and her dad, Bill, was a musician who lived a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Her mom didn’t stick around to raise her. “She ran off when I was three months old,” Bunnie recalled on her “Dumb Blonde” podcast.

Both of Bunnie’s parents did drugs. When her mom left, Bunnie’s father was in the hospital because he had contracted hepatitis C from a dirty needle. So, Bunnie’s mom deposited her at the front door of a stranger. “It took my dad two weeks to find me. When they found me, I was locked in a closet,” Bunnie recalled on Kailyn Lowry’s “Barely Famous” podcast.

Bunnie’s dad remarried when she was 5 years old. On “Dumb Blonde,” she revealed that her new stepmother, Michelle, was just 17. “It was a baby raising a baby,” she said. However, Michelle’s inexperience isn’t what made her a terrible stepmother. “She was also extremely verbally abusive, put my head through walls,” Bunnie recalled on the “Sofia with an F” podcast. Michelle also physically fought her. Bunnie’s horrific treatment at home made her lash out and fight at school, which got her expelled on more than one occasion. But what made her father unhappy was to learn that she had gotten beaten up. “He took me out in the backyard for two weeks and whooped my a**, taught me how to fight,” Bunnie recalled.

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