The Kansas City Chiefs recently received some new jewelry as a reward for their successful 2023 season. Coaches, players, and personnel received their Super Bowl LVIII rings in a special ceremony that highlighted their current dominance in the NFL — but the rings themselves have come in for criticism.

Travis Kelce was made aware of this and took time out of the latest “New Heights” podcast episode to discuss it with older brother Jason. Perhaps predictably, hilarity ensued as Travis made his feelings crystal-clear.

Kelce doesn’t care about the typo

One detail of the Chiefs‘ new rings is that it lists each of the four opponents Kansas City overcame in last year’s playoff run, along with each team’s playoff seed.

However, the Miami Dolphins‘ seeding is incorrect. Miami was the AFC‘s #6 seed in 2023, but the rings have the Dolphins as the #7 seed. Does Travis care?

I don’t give a s**t,” he said. “Does anybody care?”

Travis went on to say that the gaffe makes the rings “more unique” and “more exclusive,” and that the ringmakers “screwed up about something that means nothing.”

“(This ring) has, like, the shape of the oval of the football with just diamonds going around it. It feels like a championship ring when you look at it,” he said. “It’s like, ‘Damn, that thing feels and looks like a championship ring.'”

Although Travis said his favorite Super Bowl ring is the one he received after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles, this one — acquired after third-seeded Kansas City defeated the top two seeds in the AFC and the top seed in the NFC — will hold a special place in his heart.

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