A young supporter of Donald Trump was brought to tears at a campaign stop when the former president stopped to meet with him, as he was dressed like his twin.

Before speaking to Philadelphia voters at Temple University on Saturday, Trump made a pit stop at Tony and Nick’s Steaks where the viral encounter happened.

A video with nearly five million views shows a boy donning a blue suit and blonde wig grinning from ear-to-ear as the Republican addressed him and presented him with a signed $20 bill.

“You know who that is? That’s Andrew Jackson,” Trump could be heard saying at the crowded restaurant, with dozens of spectators watching in the background. 

“We’re going to add some value,” the former president said as he adorned the bill with his signature and the young fan’s eyes welled up with adoration.

The pair then posed for a heartwarming photo, after which Trump declared “I like that kid… So if your parents don’t want you, I’ll take you!”

The clip quickly gained traction on social media after being shared by Trump’s deputy communications director, Margo Martin. 

Another video posted from the cheesesteak shop shows Trump leaving a $500 tip for the workers, which he gave as he said, “No tax on tips!”

Trump promised at a Las Vegas, Nevada, rally on June 9 that if reelected, he would eliminate taxes on tips for people who work in service industry-related jobs.

Tony and Nick’s Steaks owner Nicky Lucidonio told Fox Business that the former president’s visit was an “unbelievable” moment.

“It was just unbelievable,” Lucidonio told the outlet. “He was talking to people, you know, they’re asking questions. He’s answering them. He’s signing hats. He signed and everything.”

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