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When could Aaron Rodgers play again after his Achilles tendon surgery?

Dr. Andrew J. Elliott of the Hospital for Special Surgery believes that Aaron Rodgers could be fit to return to action for the 2024/25 NFL season opener.

Rodgers suffered an Achilles injury during his debut with the New York Jets on Monday night. Following an MRI on Tuesday, the diagnosis was confirmed and Rodgers wasted no time in starting his return to the field.

He promptly underwent surgery to repair the tendon, expressing gratitude to Dr. Neal ElAttrache and his team for the successful procedure via an Instagram Stories post on Thursday night.

Now, the journey to recovery commences for Rodgers, and recuperating from an Achilles injury is a lengthy and challenging process.

Rodgers begins the recovery process

Although Rodgers hasn’t disclosed his plans for the 2024 season yet, his swift decision to undergo surgery upon learning of the diagnosis suggests his eagerness to kickstart the recovery process promptly.

Jets fans may have reservations about a 40-year-old quarterback recovering in time after such an injury, but Dr. Elliott told Fox News that each patient’s recovery is unique, citing NBA superstar Kevin Durant, who needed 16 months to return to peak performance compared to the typical one-year timeline.

“I think that’s a very doable date,” Elliott said after being asked if Rodgers could return for 2024/25 Week 1.

“You do have to have a period of immobilization to allow wounds and things to heal up.

“But we try to get things moving early within a short range of motion, just so the tendon can start gliding and moving.

“We don’t want to put too much stress on it to stretch it out, because once you stretch it out, that means you’re going to be permanently weak. We try not to get to that stage early.”

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