“Joe Biden lacks character” and “a moral basis,” says Mark Levin.

But you already knew that.

What you might not know, however, is who raised our president to be this way. We’re not talking about his familial lineage, though. We’re talking about the people who molded him into the man we fervently pray doesn’t win a second term.

“Joe Biden was raised essentially in the United States Senate,” where it’s customary to “wheel and deal,” “propagate arguments,” and “use rhetoric” to push agendas, says Mark Levin.

According to him, this the job of a senator:

  • “You run TV ads when you’re running for office that smear your opponents and lie about who you are and twist words.”
  • “You raise enough money where they really can’t keep up with your lies.”
  • “You make deals with union members in Wilmington in order to carry the rest of the state.”
  • “You pass whatever legislation you have to to have this army of supporters, whether it’s the NEA, AFT, the AFL-CIO.”
  • “You throw in with the racists and the segregationists early in your career because you really need the white vote.”
  • “When the state turns more and more minority and less and less white majority, you switch sides. Now, you’re a bigot who attacks the founding of the nation, who insists that there’s no equality.”

Sound familiar?

“There’s a whole sick level of experience going on here that is now projected onto Israel,” Levin says.

That’s why Biden “[gives] support to Iran,” “withholds weapons from [Israel],” is “prolonging the war by giving [Gaza] aid,” and demanding that Israel “[divides the] country up and give part of it to the enemy.”

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Source: TheBlaze

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