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You have 20/20 laser vision if you can spot Goose the cat hiding in this bedroom in 7 seconds

TIKTOKERS are struggling to spot the hidden white cat in this mind boggling photo.

Adorable cat Goose has a knack for finding perfect hiding spots, and her latest choice has proved difficult to find.

Can you spot Goose in this room?


Can you spot Goose in this room?Credit: @sillygoose647/tiktok
The sweet moggy has captured the hearts of TikTokers


The sweet moggy has captured the hearts of TikTokers

The cute moggy has gained quite the following on TikTok for her unique hiding spots.

At first glance, viewers may only notice a boho styled bedroom with a cute chair in the corner.

But if you take a closer look, you’ll see little Goose hiding – can you spot her white fur?

While you have a search for the elusive cat, why not try some of our other feline searches?

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We previously challenged you to find Goose amongst the pile of clothes and messy closet.

Why not try your hand at this tricky brainteaser which is challenging Brits to spot the cat amongst the humans – and the time to beat is just 4 seconds.

You might just have twenty-twenty vision if you can spot the missing cat hidden in the woods in less than eight seconds.

The feline fur ball is carefully tucked away in plain sight as three other cats can clearly be seen in the image.

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This optical illusion could have you scratching your hair out as you try and identify the fourth cat hiding somewhere within the image.

Elsewhere, a feline hiding in a family’s living room has baffled even the most hawk-eyed puzzlers.

The hide-and-seek challenge which puts observation skills to the test has gone viral on TikTok.

Spotting the cat lurking in her home requires extreme attention to detail and people who don’t have 20/20 vision have found it almost impossible to solve.

Another cat hiding in a woman’s living room has stumped even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers.

If you weren’t able to find the cute moggy, take a closer look near the laundry basket.

Still can’t find her? Don’t fret, as we’ve circled the answer for you below.

One TikToker commented: “Is it just me, or did this cat’s cuteness just solve all of life’s problems?”

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Another chimed in: “I thought goose was gonna be merciful today but that last one was hard!”

There she is - hiding in the laundry basket


There she is – hiding in the laundry basketCredit: @sillygoose647/tiktok
Goose's pink ears gave her away


Goose’s pink ears gave her awayCredit: @sillygoose647/tiktok

Source: Sun

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