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You have the eyes of a fighter pilot if you can spot 9 jets perfectly camouflaged in the sky

YOU have the eyes of a fighter pilot if you manage to find the nine perfectly camouflaged jets in this picture.

Even the most eagle-eyed among us will struggle to find the fleet seamlessly blended into the background.

Can you spot the nine jets in this picture?


Can you spot the nine jets in this picture?Credit: Reddit/r/FighterJets

The brain-teasing scene left people having trouble finding the nine aircrafts.

If you squint hard enough you may be able to see them. 

Don’t panic if you haven’t found the fleet straight away.

Look long enough and you’ll spot all nine jets hidden right under your nose.

You have a high IQ if you spot the leopard in the grass in under 15 seconds
You have high IQ if you spot all 15 faces in the optical illusion in 20 secs

Did you manage to find them or will you be left scratching your head?

If you’re still struggling, focus on the very centre of the image and you will be amazed at the jets’ incredible camouflage skills.

Still nothing? Not to worry, but be prepared to have your mind blown as the answers are circled in the bottom picture.

The optical illusion was shared on Reddit and left users completely flabbergasted.

Most read in The Sun

“Had to zoom in for that one, love it,” one wrote.

Another added: “Things are never quite the way they seem!”

Feeling up for another challenge? Try spotting the wild leopard camouflaged in monsoon green grass in under 15 seconds.

The wild animal lurking somewhere in the brush was captured by the photographer Sourabh Bharti and obtained by Getty.

Leopards are native to over 35 countries in Africa and are known to be “solitary animals,” per the African Wildlife Foundation.

The optical illusion proves this aspect of the beast to be true, as only a sole leopard is hidden within it.

Start a timer for 15 seconds and give the optical illusion as quick of a scan as possible.

All nine jets can be spotted right in the middle of the picture


All nine jets can be spotted right in the middle of the pictureCredit: Reddit/r/FighterJets

Source: Sun

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