Gilmore Girls is one of several series that continues to amass new fans while retaining its original viewers. Over the years, the series’ fans have debated every aspect of the show. Still, there are only a few storylines that are universally disliked. Dean Forrester’s marriage to Lindsay Lister is one of those storylines. In short, the teen marriage felt out of place and didn’t fit the show’s vibe at the time. Now, years later, we’ve come up with three theories about why the marriage happened in the first place. 

Arielle Kebbel and Jared Padelecki pose together at a movie premiere. Kebbel and Padelecki portrayed Lindsay Lister and Dean Forrester in 'Gilmore Girls'
Arielle Kebbel and Jared Padalecki | Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Dean proposed to Lindsay as an overreaction to his breakup with Rory 

Dean was deeply hurt by the end of his relationship with Rory. He certainly wasn’t over it when he started dating Lindsay, and he wasn’t over it when he married her. While Dean was the one to ultimately end his relationship with Rory, she essentially left him for another guy. Dean only broke up with Rory because he already knew she wanted to be with Jess Mariano. 

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