Find out “What Was Adeleye Dada Dollar Arrested And Charged For?” Pastors oversee churches and conduct rituals; they are commonly referred to as “God’s man.” But Adeleye Dada Dollar’s recent disclosure has shocked the public and made people less respectful of him. Is he currently incarcerated?

Pastor Adeleye Dada Dollar kidnapped the member’s teenage daughter and sexually assaulted her, resulting in her pregnancy.

What Was Adeleye Dada Dollar Arrested And Charged For: Is He In Jail Now?

Men from the Ogun State Police Command have taken Adeleye Dada Dollar, a pastor of Cherubim and Seraphim, into custody.

His years of raping and impregnating Adekunle Kabirat, wrecking her life, was the crime. The mother of Kabirat belonged to the same church as well.

While clergy members’ responsibilities differ depending on their religion and tradition, they often oversee religious services and provide spiritual leadership and assistance to their community.

Adeleye Dada Dollar’s image has been damaged by the shocking news that has recently surfaced about him. This article will provide further details on the subject.

What Was Adeleye Dada Dollar Arrested And Charged For?

Adeleye Dada Dollar was taken into custody and accused with the crime of raping and impregnating Adekunle Kabirat, so ruining her life.

Kabirat’s mother, Joke Adekunle, was a member of the same church where Dollar was a pastor.

Speaking with reporters, Joke, the victim’s mother, stated that Kabirat left the home on January 8, 2024.

She had chastised her for misbehaving and asked her not to visit her shop before this incident.

When Joke got home in the evening, she said the Kabirat had left the house after removing her books out of her bag and packing some clothes in the same bag.

Joke said she called her pastor right away to inform him of the situation, but he did not answer.

She said he came back later and told her that even though he saw her missed calls, he couldn’t pick up because his phone was damaged.

Moreover, Kabirat’s mother stated that she questioned him if Kabira was at his house after informing him about the development, but he denied knowing anything about her.

Joke stated that the preacher in issue had rebuked her for cursing her daughter on the day her daughter left.

The mother added that while he was looking for Kabira, the clergyman would come visit and comfort her. Kabira called her mother to come fetch her, and that’s how she was found.

Where Is Adeleye Dada Dollar: Is He In Jail Now?

The preacher Adeleye Dada Dollar has allegedly been taken into custody by representatives of the Ogun State Police Command. Dollar is reportedly currently incarcerated.

Adekunle Kabirat, the six-month pregnant victim, admitted to being raped by the preacher since 2021 when questioned.

To give an example, Kabirat claimed that on the day of the event, the suspect took her to an unfinished building and raped her sexually there.

One of the most important responsibilities of a pastor in the church is to offer pastoral care to people and families. When someone preaches the word of God, people are more likely to believe them.

In addition, they impart religious values and beliefs to the community. Finding out that Dollar mistreated a young child in this way over several months is extremely upsetting and degrading.

The preacher was surprisingly pleading for pity from the world during his interrogation, considering the horrific and awful nature of his crime.

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