Viewers can observe several headlines around Angel Uriarte and Noah Beard Arrest after they were found guilty in the massacre of six family members in a Goshen home.

 After The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office released the suspects’ names on February 3, 2023, numerous headlines around suspects Angel Uriarte And Noah Beard can be observed.

Based on details released by Tulare County officials, two suspects, Noah David Beard and Angel “Nanu” Uriarte, were arrested in the ‘targeted’ killings of six in California.

Noah Beard has been involved in criminal activities ranging from assault with a deadly weapon and robbery since 2012.

 Since 2000, Angel Uriarte’s criminal history included records of possessing firearms, selling narcotics, and assault with a deadly weapon.

As per records, Angel and Noah got arrested after a shootout with Police in the massacre of six people in central California.

Why Were Angel Uriarte And Noah Beard Arrested?

As per Sun Gazatte, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux arrested Norteno gang members,35years old, Goshen native Angel Uriarte and 25 years old, Visalia native Noah David Beard for the January 16 massacre of six family members in a Goshen home.

According to sources, Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said the arrests occurred during “Operation Nightmare” in the early morning hours in multiple locations. 

Angel Uriarte and Noah Beard Arrest
Lying on the ground, Angel “Nanu” Uriarte receives medical attention following a gun battle with authorities early Friday.(Source:LAtimes)

Boudreaux records show Culprit Noah was the gunman who allegedly shot the mother and child in the back of their heads.

Noah was taken into custody without incident after being found in Visalia.

Boudreaux received the DNA evidence before Police jumped into Operation Nightmare to unravel the massacre that killed six individuals.

Autopsy reports confirmed a gunshot wound murdered all victims during a cartel-style execution. 

District Attorney Tim Ward confirmed both defendants were charged with six counts of murder and some other charges.

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Are Angel Uriarte And Noah Beard In Jail?

Authorities took Noah and Angel into custody following Central California Shooting for their involvement in Goshen Massacre.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office executed Operation Nightmare to catch the suspected murders of the Goshen massacre that left six dead.

Angel Uriarte and Noah Beard Arrest
Noah David Beard, 25, and Angel “Nanu” Uriarte, 35, were arrested during raids in Tulare County on February 3, 2023.(Source: KGet)

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux and agencies expected Operation Nightmare after a six-person massacre around 4 am, based on leads of the January 16 Goshen incident that occurred.

The Central California Shooting operation led to the arrests of murder suspects Angel “Nanu” Uriarte and Noah David Beard.

In the press conference, Sheriff Boudreaux called on Gov. Gavin Newsom to lift the moratorium, referring to 16-year-old Alissa Parraz and her 10-month-old Nicholas Parraz, who got killed in a homicide.

Update On Angel Uriarte And Noah Beard In Central California Shooting

Authorities engaged multiple law enforcement agencies for search operation warrants at locations in Visalia and Goshen following the incident.

At home in Goshen, Tulare County officials revealed Angel fired at law enforcement, and an ATF agent fired back that injuring him.

During a warrant service, Angel was handcuffed in Goshen for his engagement in a gun battle with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents.

The Goshen native was struck by gunfire and was rushed for treatment, where he is in stable condition and expected to survive. 

The Central California Shooting investigation uncovered that two members of the Parraz family validated Sureños in a town predominantly affiliated with the Norteños.

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