Is Noémie Merlant Gay? People have often discussed the sexuality of the Actress Noémie Merlant. 

Merlant is French Actress and director; she was in the thriller movie Baby Ruby released in 2022. She has been involved in many other popular films and series, along with Baby Ruby. 

Merlant was interested in acting, and she attended acting school in Paris. She began her career as a professional model, and then she started her acting career in 2008. 

People started noticing her after the breakthrough in Heaven Will Wait in 2016. Since then, she has been present in many movies and series and never has disappointed her fans and followers. 

Besides her career and professional life, people often inspect her personal life, sexuality, family, and net worth. Read further to learn more about the Actress. 

Baby Ruby: Is Noémie Merlant Gay?

Merlant has not mentioned being gay in public; she has not shared about her romantic relationship with her fans. 

But, she was involved as a lesbian in the hit movie 2019, portrait of a Lady on Fire.

We can see a lesbian romance in the movie between Adèle Haenel and Noémie Merlant. After the film was out, people were curious about Merlant sexuality. 

As people have known about Haenel being lesbian since 2014, it was clear about her choice and being in the show, but Merlant has never talked and been clear about being lesbian, gay, or straight in media.

Noémie Merlant with her co-star in Portait of a Lady on Fire.
Noémie Merlant with her co-star in Portrait of a Lady on Fire. (Image Source: Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019))

For the same movie, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, the Actress won the Lumières Award for Best Actress for her performance. Also, she was nominated for the César Award for Best Actress alongside co-star Adèle Haenel.

Additionally, as per some of the online portals, it was mentioned that a year or two ago, she was dating a screenwriter, Covaci Gimi. 

Covaci Gimi was born in 2003 and shared a vast age difference. The couple has been together since 2021 but has not been seen together for a long time. 

The pair never confirmed their relationship or their breakup in public. 

Noémie Merlant Family Details 

The Actress was born on 27 November 1988 in Paris, France. Both of her parents were real estate. 

Merlant shared a great relationship with her parents, and her parents always supported her career choice and path. Her parents are very proud. 

Noémie Merlant with her family in 2019.
Noémie Merlant with her family in 2019. (Image Source: Tapatalk)

Merlant is a single child and has not publicly talked about her siblings. People have often been curious to learn about her parents in detail, but they have kept a low profile. 

She has not been married or engaged yet and is often focused on her career. The Actress might have been in a relationship but never shared children with them or has never been married.

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Noémie Merlant Net Worth Update 

Merlant fans and followers are often interested to learn about her career earnings and net worth. She is a Franch Actress and director. 

Merlant current net worth is around $2 million, per the Source. The Actress has not mentioned her career earnings. 

The Actress has been modeling and acting for a very long time. We can find her in movies and series, and she is also often involved in modeling.

Merlant fans have always loved her personality and work in movies and television series. Additionally, she might have any other source of income, like business and investments, which she has not shared in public. 

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