Whenever you open a magazine or turn on entertainment news, you see celebrity couples having the time of their lives. When the relationship moves on to the next stage, the world gets to gossip about the engagement ring’s size. 

Recently, the news about Millie Bobby Brown getting engaged to Jake Bon Jovi took over the internet. The ring Jake proposed to Millie with was worth USD 150,000. 

While the world wished this happy young couple the best of luck, it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for celebrities. There hasn’t been a dearth of celebrity breakups and divorces over the years. 

According to Forbes Advisor, the divorce rate has decreased from 4.0 per 1000 couples to 2.5, which is a good sign. However, the question of the engagement ring’s whereabouts remains when a star couple parts ways. 

Is It a Legal Requirement to Return Engagement Rings After a Breakup?

No law obligates the return of rings after a celebrity couple splits up. Engagement rings can be worth millions of dollars, especially when celebrities are involved. Therefore, some sign a contract stipulating the jewelry’s ownership in case of a breakup. 

According to a report by Fortune Magazine, the court will consider a written premarital agreement to decide the ring’s ownership after a breakup. 

While rings are sentimental, they can sometimes become materialistic. In 2021, the Alabama court forbade a woman from selling her USD 32,000 engagement ring after the breakup. 

Alternatively, an engagement ring can be a family heirloom, in which case it must be returned to the giver. A survey suggests that 78% of Americans would rather give a ring back after a relationship fails. 

Is It Ethical to Return Engagement Rings?

Yes, returning engagement and bridal sets is considered the right thing to do, even if it is not a legal requirement. Celebrities are no exceptions. Ideally, the ring should be returned to whoever bought it. 

Many people look for the perfect pair to celebrate their love. Sometimes, they buy wedding ring sets that flawlessly complement each other. According to Leibish, an online jewelry retailer, people often purchase celebrity-inspired engagement ring sets as long as it fits their personalities. 

Earlier celebrities were the only ones who could afford unique colored rings. But today, anyone can buy a lab-grown diamond of any color. It can be sapphire, pink, black, blue, etc. 

Leibish considers Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce’s engagement rings the most flawless and expensive. 

The Ring’s Whereabouts: What Happened to the Rings After These Celebrities Broke Up?

Celebrities are known to live a lavish life with extravagant wedding ceremonies. Sadly, not all relationships last forever. You might be wondering what happens to the ring once they split up. 

Look at what these famous personalities did with their rings after a divorce. 

#1. Kim Kardashian’s 20.5-Carat Ring 

Before Kanye West’s time, Kim Kardashian was engaged to Kris Humphries, and they were Hollywood’s “IT” couple. 

They got engaged in 2011 when Kris gifted her a ring worth USD 2 million. It was a Lorraine Schwartz with a 20.5-carat diamond. However, Kim and Kris failed to maintain a fairytale romance and split up only 72 days after the marriage. 

Once they finalized the divorce, Kim returned the ring, and Kris later auctioned it off for USD 620,000. 

#2. Jennifer Lopez’s 8.5-Carat Ring 

Jennifer Lopez has received 6 engagement rings throughout her life. Her high-profile relationships have always caught the media’s attention. She married singer Marc Anthony in 2004. 

After being parents to two beautiful children, they split up in 2012. However, Jennifer did not give the ring back to Marc. 

Instead, she sold off her USD 4 million cushion-cut 8.5-carat blue diamond ring in a bid. While the media is unaware of how much she made, it is expected to have fetched over a million dollars. Moreover, once the divorce was finalized, she sold all the clothes and jewelry he had given her. Talk about closure! 

#3. Pamela Anderson’s 3.24-Carat Ring

Pamela Anderson got engaged to Rick Salomon back in 2007 and got married in a few weeks. However, their love story did not work out, and they divorced. After 7 years, their love rekindled, and Rick gifted Pamela a 3.24-carat brilliant-cut ring. 

They got remarried in 2014 but split up in 2015. Even though their love was short-lived, Pamela did not want to keep the ring as it reminded her of their time together. She auctioned off the ring and raised USD 100,000 for charity. 

The Bottom Line

The lives of famous personalities are not always positive. Yes, they do not get a happy ending like the movies depict. Once that happens, the wedding ring returns to the one who bought it. However, in some cases, the celebrity sells it. 

Their extravagant rings are a memento of a failed public marriage. For example, Kim Kardashian returned her ring to Kris Humphries, who sold it for USD 620,000. At the same time, Pamela Anderson sold her ring for USD 100,000 and deposited that money to charity. 

The general public has a lot of opinions about what celebrities do with their own engagement ring. However, is it our place to comment? 

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