Get to know Furkan Akkaya from Netflix’s franchise show Too Hot To Handle Germany. The show recently premiered on 28 February 2003 on Netflix. The show’s season 1 introduced 12 hot singles who were placed in a villa without realizing that they were actually on a show.

Find out more about his job, age, and if he is still with Lorra Sophie.

Too Hot To Handle Germany: Are Furkan Akkaya And Lorra Sophie Still Together?

Too Hot To Handle Germany’s Furkan Akkaya and Lorra Sophie are still together and going strong after they show. We can confirm this based on their respective social media post. After the premiere of the show, Furkan posted a pic that he took with Lorra on his IG. He captioned the post, thankful for being a part of this journey.”

Taking a little walk into their journey in the show, Sophie walked into the retreat in episode 3. She unknowingly changed most of the established tensions within the cast around through her sheer beauty and vibrant attitude. The men simply couldn’t resist her charm. She never chased any taken men. She understood that it would be openly rude or disrespectful to their situations or partners.

Lorra acknowledged that she was attracted to three men in the show. They were Furkan, Tobias, and Fabio were involved with different partners. But, Tobias and Fabio were already linked with someone else. Yet, she was honest with them when it was necessary to resolve matters amicably.

As a result, Sophie decided to explore her connection with Furkan. Because he was the last single man still standing. This is particularly true because, despite all of their nighttime discussions and cuddling, she frankly confronted him after a few days to admit she didn’t sense romantic sparks.

Lorra thought that he was considerate, amusing, and engaging, but she didn’t want to lead him on in the least.

Although Sophie’s statement appeared to sting Furkan a little because of a tender kiss they had had on their first evening together, he truly respected her intentions. Little did the pair know, though, that this respect and the subsequent close friendship would soon allow them to explore something far more meaningful on their own terms and without any pressure.

That’s because they kept talking, cuddling, and sharing a bed; the only thing that changed was that they stopped attempting to impress one another, which gave them a new degree of personal comfort.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that Sophie agreed with Furkan that they should explore their relationship when he eventually chose to be honest with her about where they truly stood. By deliberately working on their deepest selves and learning from others over this time, they both managed to grow significantly as individuals and understood the fundamental purpose of relationships.

Because of this, on their final date, they were effectively able to make the well-deserved vow that they would always encourage one another to be their best selves.

“In the friend zone, I realized there was something between us; there was a connection,” Furkan told Lorra at one point before adding he knows they’re “very good for each other.” Meanwhile, Sophie replied, “I have a hard time opening up, but you get me to do it. You also get me to push past my fears, and by going at our own pace, not having any pressure… our relationship grew into something totally natural and real.”

Then the former finally added, “This retreat is the best thing that’s ever happened to me ’cause it brought you,” making it no surprise they walked away hand in hand in the end.

On 6 March 2022, he posed a question on his TikTok writing an on-screen caption, ” how could we bot be in final?” The TikTok contained a montage of their time together in the show. While captioning the post, “team akka und sophie where u @?” he also tagged his Lorra on the post.

Furkan Akkaya Age

Born in 2001, Furkan Akkaya is 22 years old.

Furkan Akkaya Job

Furkan Akkaya is a Vienna-based social media influencer. He has a burgeoning 493K+ followers on his TikTok. Whereas, his IG currently has 44.8K followers. Before joining the show, he also dabbled in fashion modeling promoting local brands.

But, Furkan was also a football player. He played as a midfielder.

Is Furkan Akkaya On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Furkan Akkaya is on Instagram (@iamofficialakka). But, he doesn’t have a public profile on FB. Instead, here is his TikTok.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Furkan Akkaya Birthday?

Furkan Akkaya celebrates his birthday on 1 January.

  • Where Is Furkan Akkaya From?

Furkan Akkaya was born in Giresun, Turkey. He is currently based in Vienna.

  • How Tall Is Furkan Akkaya?

Per one of his TikTok Furkan Akkaya’s height measures 1.80 meters or 5 feet 11 inches.

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