You can organize a hiking vacation in Germany in many different ways. With our tips, you can tailor your hike to your taste and individual fitness level.

Hiking vacations in Germany come in many shapes and sizes: from art, wine, mountain, and pilgrimage hikes, there is something to suit every taste. The individual hiking routes can also be tailored to your fitness level. You don’t have to travel far to explore beautiful hiking trails. With the Harz Mountains, Saxon Switzerland, the Rheinsteig, or the Black Forest, Germany offers a wide selection of diverse hiking trails in different natural areas. And once you arrived at your destination enjoy the view with Hellspin Aussies.

According to a study by BTE-Tourismus- und Regionalberatung, around 70 percent of Germans go hiking. This includes all age groups, with older people hiking more frequently than younger people.


by traveling to your hiking destination by public transport,

renting hiking clothing, such as a hiking rucksack, for your vacation, or buying it second-hand

and by specifically looking for a hiking region that is not the focus of most tourists. Keep an eye on the designated hiking trails to protect the local animal and plant species.

  • Mountain hikes: The classic hiking vacation in Germany

Mountain hikes are one of the classic forms of hiking vacations in Germany. Mountain hikes are one of the typical forms of hiking vacations in Germany. They demand a lot of energy and strength from vacationers. This type of hiking is therefore particularly suitable if you are physically fit and have some hiking experience or experienced fellow hikers.

It is best to find out in advance which classification the hiking trail you have chosen is subject to. The German Alpine Association distinguishes between valley hikes and easy to (moderately) difficult mountain trails. You can use colors and numbers to identify the level of difficulty of each hiking trail and choose your route accordingly.

  • Long-distance hiking trails: hiking vacations for advanced hikers

Long-distance hiking trails are a good option for advanced hikers. They are at least 300 kilometers long and lead through several federal states, cantons or countries. The Austrian Alpine Association provides information on various long-distance hiking trails. These lead through Europe.

But there are also beautiful long-distance hiking trails within Germany, for example

the 660-kilometre Goldsteig, which begins in the Upper Palatinate and ends before the Czech border

the Maximiliansweg, which leads 360 kilometers from Lake Constance to Berchtesgarden

the Eifelstieg, which takes you from Aachen to Trier in 313 kilometers.

Plan enough time for such a hiking vacation in Germany.

  • Hiking vacation in Germany: monastery and castle trails

Hiking vacations in Germany: you can get to know a whole new side of yourself on a pilgrimage. If you are on a hiking vacation in Germany for spiritual rather than sporting reasons, a pilgrimage trail is probably the thing for you. Whether it’s a break from everyday life, overcoming strokes of fate or searching for yourself. the reasons for a pilgrimage are probably as varied as the hiking trails themselves. A church or monastery is usually the destination of the journey. Although pilgrimage itself follows the motto “the journey is the destination”.

The Way of St. James is probably the most famous pilgrimage route in Europe. It ends in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela and also passes through Germany. Many monasteries, regional churches, and dioceses offer smaller, regional pilgrimages. You can round off with a short vacation in a monastery. You can also take part in a guided tour at certain times. You don’t need a church connection for this. Discovering new things and getting to know yourself not only gives you serenity and new experiences but also vitality.

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