Is Wayne Brady Dating Anyone In 2022? Wayne Brady may be one of the most upright men in our industry. His humorous abilities have been shown on programs like Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Let’s Make a Deal, and he is usually smiling. He sings, dances, and performs, yet you never read about his outlandish conduct or womanizing ways in the tabloids. His pristine appearance makes him appear to be an excellent catch, which makes us wonder: Is Wayne Brady married? We are investigating his love life in-depth to establish whether Wayne Brady has a wife or girlfriend.

Wayne Brady was formerly married to Diana Lasso and later to Mandie Taketa. Learn here about his previous marriages.

In the late 1990s, 50-year-old comedian and media personality Wayne Brady rose to prominence. In 2001, he landed his variety program, The Wayne Brady Show, in which he cracked jokes, interviewed celebrities, and occasionally sang. Until 2004, it ran as a primetime variety program and a syndicated daytime series.

When he was cast on the American edition of Whose Line Is It Anyway? in 2013 and Let’s Make A Deal in 2020, he achieved sustained popularity. He also had the opportunity to demonstrate his singing abilities in the second season of The Masked Singer, which he won. He stated that his teenage daughter, Maile, and her mother, his ex-wife, Mandie Taketa, gave him the guts to sign up for the show initially.

Wayne’s sole kid is Maile, even though he has been married twice. He wed Diana Lasso for the first time in 1993, and they divorced barely two years later. Between 1995 and 2007, the participant in Season 31 of Dancing with the Stars was married to Mandie. Learn more about Wayne’s exes and their marriages by reading on.

Is Wayne Brady Dating Anyone In 2022?

With two marriages under his belt, What’s going on in Wayne Brady’s love life?  Everyone wants to know!

Unfortunately, he has been more focused on his connection with his daughter and ex-wife, as well as his ever-changing broadcast schedule, than he has been on a new love interest.

In 2014, allegations circulated that he was in a relationship with TLC member Chili. However, a Chili representative promptly dispelled this idea. Other than that, there have been no reports of new relationships in the tabloids.

However, as he decides to settle down with his next companion, he knows what he’s seeking. In a chat with Closer Weekly, he defined his dream mate:

“Someone I can admire for their accomplishments since they are at the top of their game. Who is tolerant of my connection with Mandie and Jason? Who are my family in the same way as my daughter?

History of Wayne Brady’s Marriages

Wayne Brady, 50 years old, is now unmarried but has been wed twice.

Brady was married to Diana Lasso from 1993 to 1995; however, when speaking to Closer Weekly in 2019, he commented on how their youth may have contributed to the demise of their marriage.

“My first wife is a wonderful lady, but you should not marry at age 20 or 21, as you do not yet know yourself. I believe the lesson was not to act hastily, “he remarked.

From 1999 until 2008, Brady was married to actress Mandie Taketa, when the pair welcomed their daughter Maile Masako Brady.

Maile, now 19 years old, has followed in the footsteps of her actress parents by portraying Tiffany on the CBS serial opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brady, unmarried, said in April 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he and Taketa were still close and were even quarantining together with her lover Jason.

“My ex-wife Mandie and I have a unique and, in my opinion, extremely special bond compared to the majority of co-parents. Additionally, we’ve lived no further than seven minutes apart. “In an interview with Access Hollywood, he stated.

“Currently, we reside next door to one another. Thus, our quarantining is rather distinct. We quarantine between our homes, and because I have a large backyard and a large amount of area, we share this land and space.”

Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Disney+, Dancing With the Stars continues. The episodes will be available for streaming following their initial broadcast.

Diana Lasso Was The First Wife of Wayne Brady

Wayne stated that their early marriage was the cause of their tragedy. “My first wife is a wonderful lady, but you shouldn’t marry at 20 or 21 since you don’t yet know yourself. In 2019, he said to Closer Weekly, “I believe the lesson was not to rush into things.”

Due to the brevity of their union and the fact that it occurred before Wayne’s rise to fame, little is known about it. Diana does not live in the public eye; thus, it is unknown what she is doing with her life currently.

Mandie Taketa is The Second Wife of Wayne Brady

Although Mandie, 46, and Wayne, 57, have divorced for almost a decade, they continue to be friends and work together. During the coronavirus epidemic in 2020, the couple made waves when the television celebrity disclosed they were quarantining with their 19-year-old daughter Maile and Mandie’s boyfriend.

In March 2020, he told Access Hollywood, “My ex-wife Mandie and I have a unique and distinct circumstance than most co-parents.” “Throughout [Malie’s] existence, we have co-parented as best friends. Additionally, we’ve lived no further than seven minutes apart.

We live near each other, so our quarantining is slightly different. We quarantine between our homes, and since I have a large backyard and a lot of acreages, we share this land and space. “Mandie, her partner Jason, and my daughter Maile, we are a family, so we are like a new nuclear family,” he continued. How sweet!

Brady commended Mandie in his Closer Weekly interview for teaching him how to be a “better man” and more. “From Mandie, I’ve learned how to become a better guy and a friend, how to listen, and that when you have a true teammate, you must be appreciative,” he recounted. She understands me better than my family and always has my back, and we hope that the way we co-parent may serve as an example for others.

Wayne expressed the same idea in a November 2019 interview with Us Weekly. “[Mandie] is the most incredible lady on the globe and one of the most incredible mothers who have ever walked the earth,” he said. “Our daughter is proof of it, as well as the fact that she constantly corrects me. She is the reason I believe I have achieved the achievements that I have.”

In 2006, Maile was 3 years old when her parents divorced. Luckily, the divorce was peaceful. Wayne’s spokesman told PEOPLE then, “The divorce is quite amicable, and they continue to be the best of friends and devoted parents.”

Wayne Brady Will Still Be Single in 2022: When It Comes to Children/Kids, the Actor Has a Daughter!

Is Wayne Brady Dating Anyone In 2022?

In 2022, Wayne Brady (@mrbradybaby) does not have a wife. He is now unmarried and does not appear to be planning a third marriage. With two marriages under his belt, the pressing issue is: how is Wayne Brady’s love life currently?

He looks to be obsessed with his kid and ex-wife, as well as his constantly shifting television schedule.

In 2014, rumors arose that he was in a relationship with TLC’s Chili. However, a spokesman from Chili’s quickly disputed this notion. Following his divorce from his second wife, he began dating Rozanda Thomas, aka Chilli, of TLC. She hails from the United States as a vocalist.

Meanwhile, they made their debut by walking hand-in-hand around the MGM Grand. They have been longtime, close friends, and they may be enjoying their romantic relationships. They had not, however, disclosed their relationship status to the public. There have been no more reports of new relationships in the tabloids.

When Wayne Brady chooses to settle down with his next partner, he knows what he wants. In an interview with Closer Weekly, he described his ideal partner as “someone whose work I appreciate because they are at the pinnacle of their field.” Who is tolerant of my connection with Mandie and Jason? Who are my family in the same way as my daughter? Home  More

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