Kaeyra has received multiple standing ovations from the judges on American Idol. Her showmanship and vocal prowess are like none other. But Kaeyra wasn’t born with talent. It’s thanks to her teachers and her parents who believed in her and “pushed her beyond her limits” that she always dreamed of becoming a star.

But who are Kaeyra’s parents? Learn all about them as this article proceeds.

American Idol: Who Are Kaeyra Parents?

Kaeyra was born to her parents, Joanna Szepelawy and Grzegorz Baran. They are her biggest fans and her inspiration to never give up.

The singer recalled that from the very start, her parents encouraged her to dream as big as she wished. But they also warned her that nothing would come easy. Infact, they themselves serve as an example of what they preach. Kaeyra’s parents came to the United States from Poland with $1,000 to their name, not really speaking English and knowing just a few people. They then worked hard for everything they got in their new life.

So, inspired by her parents, Kaeyra was never intimidated by hard work. She started small and eventually worked her way to performing at Chicago Bulls and White Sox games, Lollapalooza, and other venues. In 2014, she then moved to LA and started performing three or four times a week at Maestro’s Steakhouse. Though the crowd was small, she never lost sight of the vision her parents had when they immigrated to the United States 

“They were always chasing their American dream and I feel like being on American Idol is really a definition of an American dream for us,” Kaeyra said on American Idol. After getting through her audition, she even mentioned that performing was “in her blood.” It seems she grew up listening to Lionel Richie, who was her parents’ favorite judge.

But this wasn’t the first time Kaeyra thanked for parents. She’s been vocal about them even before she moved to LA. “Thank you mom Joanna Szepelawy and my dad that you are making this all happen for me. I am so proud and happy that I have parents who support my dream and push me to beyond my limits to make me better every day,” Kaeyra wrote on FB a couple of hours before moving to LA.

Also, in 2018, when Kaeyra decided to finish high school a year early for music. She mentioned that her parents were supportive of her decision and for this, she couldn’t be any more thankful.

Meet Joanna Szepelawy, Kaeyra Mother

Joanna Szepelawy isn’t just Kaeyra’s mother. She’s her “best friend and biggest supporter.”

On Mother’s Day 2021, Joanna took to FB to write, “I am so thankful for our relationship and how close we are. It is truly the most important thing to me. Thank you for being you, for all the sacrifices you make for me, for all the love that you have given me my whole life. I love you so much mama.”

Love reciprocated, Joanna also took to her FB on Daughter’s Day 2021 to write, “Happy National Daughter Day Karolina Baran. Every day is Daughter Day for me❤️❤️❤️ I  love you. ❤️I love you madly!!!!”

Guess, we need not speak more about the bond they shared.

Now, talking more about Joanna’s mother, she was born on May 25, 1976, in Poland. She attended the High School in Racibórz and studied early and preschool education with speech therapy at WSP TWP in Katowice. Then, she moved to the US and started teaching piano.

Fast forward to over a decade, she then joined Polska Szkola im. John III Sobieski as a teacher in 2019, and Wyspa Children Learning Center as a director in Feb 2020.

In her free time, she loves to bake. She even had a vlog titled Bake with Joanna where she shows “how easy it is to prepare a lot of sweets. All you have to do is want and not be afraid of mess in the kitchen.”

Find her on Facebook @joanna.szepelawy and Instagram @joannaszepelawy.

Meet Grzegorz Baran, Kaeyra Father

Grzegorz Baran is Kaeyra’s loving father who she knows “will never let her down.” He’s the reason she believes hard work makes dreams come true. “You mean everything to me and love you with all my heart. Thank you for everything,” she dedicated a FB post to him.

Talking more about their bond, Kaeyra said that they’ve been through so much as a family. But her father never disappointed her — not once! Every time Kaeyra would get upset, cry, or brawl, he gave her advice and told her the right thing to do. “The advice might be about something big like what to do in life or something stupid like boyfriends,” she explained.

Yes, Grzegorz was there when Kaeyra had her first heartbreak. His advice at the time? — “That guy is not worth it, there will be plenty more.” What a cool pop.

Born: October 20, 1974, Grzegorz turned 48 in 2023.

Sadly, Grzegorz didn’t have a social media account.

Related FAQs

  • Are Kaeyra Parents Still Married?

Yes, as of 2023, Kaeyra’s parents are still likely married.

  • How Many Kids Do Kaeyra Parents Have?

Kaeyra appears to be her parent’s only child.

  • Where Do Kaeyra Parents Reside?

Kaeyra’s parents immigrated to the US and settled in Algonquin, Ottawa.

Later, they moved to Lake in the Hills, Illinois, and resided there ever since.

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