What Is Joe Frasure Family Saying? The UC Medical Center announced Joe Frasure’s passing. Police shot and killed an Ohio man who was clearing out the house of his late grandmother.

Joe Frasure, an Ohioan, was 28 years old. Monday saw the shooting, and Tuesday saw his death.

The incident was initially looked into by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office before being forwarded to the county prosecutor, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

A county coroner’s report listed a police shooting as the cause of death for Frasure.

Frasure was believed to be a burglar by the police. Frasure’s relatives claim that he was only cleaning up the apartment after his grandmother passed away.

Joe Frasure Death Cause: What Happened? 

At the UC Medical Center, Joe Frasure died on Tuesday. 

A small contingent of Frasure’s family, friends, and supporters held a protest outside the Wyoming Police Department on Wednesday to demand the release of body camera footage.

On January 30, Police shot him in Wyoming, a city close to Cincinnati.

Frasure and his Father were at the House in the 300 block of Durrell Avenue when Police were called in response to a 911 call alleging a break-in.

Authorities claimed that Frasure sped to his vehicle and disobeyed orders to get out.

The car “reversed at a high rate of speed, hit a tree, and then drove quickly toward our officers,” according to Police chief Brooke Brady.

Four bullets were fired, and the automobile allegedly ran into a building. After being transported to a local hospital, Frasure passed away on Tuesday.

His family members claimed Frasure was cleaning out his grandmother’s residence after her recent passing.

According to Erika and Joe Frasure Jr., Frasure’s grandmother passed away in early January, and family members spent the entire Sunday in her apartment.

On the other hand, Frasure was attempting to start the car of a different relative so they could leave the property.

Not to mention, Ben Crump, a well-known civil rights lawyer, was one of many who raised awareness of the issue by tweeting about it.

Joe Frasure Family: What Are They Saying About Her Death?

When Joe Frasure passed away on Tuesday at the UC Medical Center, his family provided a photo of him to a nearby media outlet while he was still on life support.

Friends and family held a small protest in front of the Wyoming Police Department on Wednesday.

Similar to how Joe’s brother expressed his interest in learning why his brother was killed, He requests access to the video.

He further stated that his deceased sibling was a father, a brother, a son, and a member of the family. an attentive companion.

Please help him bring his brother’s case to justice, he begged.

The body cam video has been given to both the Hamilton County Sheriff’s office and the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office.

His sister Shonda Coleman told the channel, “I didn’t hear any of

His sister Shonda Coleman told the network, “I didn’t hear any of it. No orders were heard by me. I could only hear popping. There were approximately ten rounds.

Frasure’s family has also disputed the police statement, claiming that he was not a burglary suspect.

Instead, they assert that he and his father were organizing the apartment where his grandmother had previously resided before her recent passing.

Per the GoFundMe account, Frasure was a Father of two and had a baby on the way. Home 

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