• Bobbi Raffel is the wife of famed reality TV personality, businessman and investor Marcus Lemonis.
• Bobbi has worked for the Runway clothing company as a sales manager for quite some time.
• Bobbi and Marcus met in 2016 at a business meeting and got engaged in 2017.
• Marcus has invested over $30 million in small businesses since the start of his show “The Profit”.
• Marcus’ net worth is estimated to be $900 million.

Who is Bobbi Raffel?

Marcus Lemonis is a famed reality TV personality, businessman and investor who recently married, so it’s time for us to introduce you to his wife, whose name is Bobbi Raffel. What do you know about her? She is also involved in business, and has been quite a help to Marcus. She has worked for the Runway clothing company as a sales manager for quite some time, however, she has only recently become a celebrity, thanks to her marriage to Marcus.

So, do you want to find out more about Bobbi Raffel, from her childhood to most recent career endeavors and personal life as well? If yes, then stay with us for a while, as we introduce you to the wife of Marcus Lemonis.

Bobbi Raffel and Marcus Lemonis

Bobbi Raffel Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Bobbi has only recently come into the limelight, and most information about her childhood remains. All we know is that she was born on the 21st September, apparently about 20 years before Marcus, but which year exactly is still a mystery. Hopefully, information like this and more become available in the near future.

Bobbi Raffel Career

When it comes to her professional endeavors, this information is also mostly hidden from the public. All that is available is the fact that she has worked for Runway as a sales manager; nothing more has been made available in regards to her career and other professional endeavors. However, persistent journalists are likely to find out more about Bobbi. So, just be patient and more information about Bobbi will surely be available.

First Meeting with Marcus Lemonis

Bobbi and Marcus met in 2016 at the COTERIE trade show for women’s fashion; it was a business meeting as both were purchasing for their respective businesses. The two started spending time together, which resulted in a romantic relationship, and Marcus proposed to Bobbi on Christmas Day in 2017.

Wedding Ceremony and Marriage

Once they became engaged, they started preparing for the wedding ceremony; they set the date for the 17th February 2018. The ceremony was held at Hotel Bel-Air, and though many expected a big and glamorous wedding, they invited only closest family and a few friends. The couple doesn’t have children together.

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Bobbi Raffel’s Husband, Marcus Lemonis

Now that we have covered all there is to know about Bobbi’s life, let’s share some information about her husband.

Born Marcus Anthony Lemonis on the 16th November 1973 in Beirut, Lebanon, due to the national crisis, he was put up for adoption soon upon his birth, and a Greek couple who lived in Miami, Florida took him in. From an early age, Marcus was surrounded by automobiles and developed an interest in recreational vehicles. Following his high school matriculation, Marcus enrolled at Marquette University, from which he graduated in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in political science, with a minor in criminology.

Career Beginnings

Before he started his career, Marcus ran for the Florida House of Representatives in 1996, but lost to Bruno Barreiro, so he soon turned to his love, automobiles, and joined his grandfather at his Chevrolet dealership in South Florida, which was later sold to AutoNation. When the ownership changed, Marcus still remained at the company, serving as a manager. However, his ambitions changed when a family friend, Lee Iaccoca offered him a position in the creation of the largest RV chain business. Their next move was the acquisition of the Holiday RV Superstores, and gradually their business improved, and Marcus co-started the company FreedomRoads, through which he started buying RV dealerships. Once they merged with Camping World, Marcus became its CEO, a position he still holds, and then they acquired Good Sam Enterprise, and Marcus again took the lead role in the company.

Rise to Prominence

Marcus was steadily becoming more successful, and dived into NASCAR, becoming the sponsor of several NASCAR series, including Truck Series, which has recently been renewed until 2022.
He has obtained and started several other businesses, including Gander Outdoors and The House Boardshop, among other projects.

However, Marcus’ real rise to stardom started when he launched his own show “The Profit” in 2013, which showcases him while he tries to help small business owners escape bankruptcy and re-launch their business; he’s invested over $30 million in small businesses since the start of the show. Furthermore, he is also the star of the show “The Partner”, in which he searches for a business manager to assist in running the businesses which Lemonis invests in on “The Profit”.

Marcus Lemonis Net Worth

Since launching his career, Marcus has become a prominent businessmen, and is one of the most successful television personalities. His professional endeavors have garnered vast wealth for Marcus, so, let’s just see how rich Marcus Lemonis is? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Lemonis’s net worth is as high as $900 million. Some of his assets include a house in Montecito, California valued at $6.85 million, and a luxurious house in Lake Road in Lake Forest, valued at $1.85 million, among many other assets.

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