– Maren Morris celebrates Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News on her Instagram Story.
– Morris had public bad blood with Carlson in 2022 over Carlson’s alleged transphobia.
– Morris released a black crewneck T-shirt with the text “lunatic country music person,” and all proceeds were split between Trans Lifeline and the GLAAD Transgender Media Program.

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Country singer Maren Morris is celebrating the recent news of Tucker Carlson’s exit from Fox News, following the network’s decision to cut ties with him and end his long-running show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Carlson had previously referred to Morris as a “lunatic country music person” on his show, sparking Morris’s social media response to his exit.

Morris took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts on the news, posting various graphics and memes poking fun at Carlson. This public feud began back in 2022 when Morris called out Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany Aldean, calling her “Insurrection Barbie” after the influencer made transphobic comments online. Morris went on to release her own merchandise, featuring the slogan “lunatic country music person” and a phone number for Trans Lifeline, with all proceeds going towards the GLAAD Transgender Media Program.

The shirt proved successful, raising over $100,000 within a day of its release, according to Morris. The country singer received support on social media from fellow musicians and celebrities, including Benito Skinner, Maggie Rogers, and Cassadee Pope.

Morris’s response to Carlson’s exit highlights the power of social media in holding public figures accountable for their actions and words. While the feud between the two may have started over a seemingly trivial matter, Morris’s actions demonstrate the importance of standing up for marginalized communities and using one’s platform to effect positive change.

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