– Matthew McConaughey shared a photo of his son Levi after a surfing incident, calling it “surf souvenirs”.
– Camila Alves shares more photos of their children on social media compared to Matthew, including a photo of her husband giving their son a haircut.
– While Matthew once expressed a desire for eight more kids, Camila is content with their current family consisting of two boys and a girl.

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Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are known for keeping their family out of the public eye, but every now and then, they share glimpses of their life with their fans. Recently, Matthew took to Instagram to post a picture of his son Levi, all bandaged up after suffering from a surfing injury. The photo, which was shared on March 3, was captioned “Surf souvenirs.”

Matthew doesn’t share too many pictures of his children on social media. Since joining Instagram in 2019, he has only shared a few snapshots of his family. Camila, on the other hand, is more likely to share sweet moments with their fans. Just a few days before Matthew’s post, she shared a photo of him giving their son, Livingston, a haircut at home.

In the past, Camila has shared pictures of the whole family playing virtual bingo with seniors at a senior citizens’ home, as well as many tributes to her kids on their birthdays. Matthew has talked about his desire to have as many as eight more kids in the future, but Camila isn’t quite on board with that. For now, the couple is content with their two boys and a girl at home.

While the couple rarely shares pictures of their family, fans can still sneak a peek of their cutest moments over the years through various photos that have been taken. Despite their desire for privacy, Matthew and Camila’s fans are grateful for the glimpses of their family that they do share from time to time.

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