Jason Oppenheim is an American real estate broker, attorney, influencer, and reality TV personality. As the president and founder of The Oppenheim Group, he has made a name for himself in the luxury real estate market in Los Angeles and Orange County. With his charismatic personality and business acumen, Oppenheim has become a familiar face to fans of the Netflix series Selling Sunset, where he and his team showcase the glamorous world of high-end real estate. With a successful career and a captivating personal life, Oppenheim continues to make waves in the industry and capture the attention of audiences worldwide.

Jason Oppenheim has been making headlines not only for his real estate ventures but also for his love life. The 45-year-old real estate broker and reality TV personality recently introduced his new flame, Marie Lou Nurk, to the world. Let’s delve into the details of their relationship and learn more about the woman who has captured Oppenheim’s heart.

Oppenheim And Nurk’s Surprise Wedding Announcement?

In a joint Instagram post, Oppenheim and Nurk shared a series of photos that had fans speculating about a possible wedding. The images showcased Nurk in a stunning white, feather-adorned mini dress, while Oppenheim looked dapper in a black suit and white shirt. The couple appeared playful and affectionate as they posed by a luxurious hotel pool and in the front seat of a vintage car. The initial caption, “Here’s to a lifetime of adventures,” fueled the wedding rumors.

However, Oppenheim clarified that the couple had not tied the knot. In an exclusive statement to PEOPLE, he explained that the photos were taken at an event they attended together a few months ago. The misleading caption resulted in a flood of congratulatory messages, prompting them to quickly update it. Despite the misunderstanding, fans were thrilled for the couple and expressed their support.

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Meet Marie Lou Nurk: The New Flame

Marie Lou Nurk, a 25-year-old German model, has captured Oppenheim’s heart. The couple was first spotted together in July 2022 in Mykonos, Greece, sparking rumors about their relationship. An insider revealed that Oppenheim was “really happy and in a good place” with Nurk following his split from Selling Sunset co-star Chrishell Stause in December 2021.

Meet Jason Oppenheim's Girlfriend, Marie Lou Nurk: Wedding Rumors Debunked

Nurk, who models for the MEGA Modeling Agency, is based in Paris. Besides her modeling career, she works in business and brand strategy for major European companies. Nurk studied economics at a prestigious German university and continues to travel throughout Europe, frequently visiting Germany, France, and Spain. She has also embraced the world of social media and often shares her fashion looks on Instagram, where she has gained a significant following.

Fans of Selling Sunset may be wondering whether Nurk will make an appearance on the show. When asked about it, Oppenheim played coy, mentioning that they were “talking about it.” Nurk also hinted at the possibility of a “little scene” featuring her on the popular reality series. Given the show’s focus on the personal lives of the Oppenheim Group real estate agents, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Nurk make her debut in the upcoming sixth season.

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Know About Jason Oppenheim’s History Of Romances

Nurk is not the first girlfriend of Oppenheim to be associated with Selling Sunset. Prior to her, he briefly dated his co-star Chrishell Stause. Their relationship became public in May 2021 but ended in December of the same year. The couple’s differing views on starting a family were cited as the reason behind their breakup. Stause, eager to start a family, and Oppenheim, uncertain about parenthood, realized their wants were not aligned.

Meet Jason Oppenheim's Girlfriend, Marie Lou Nurk: Wedding Rumors Debunked

Before Stause, Oppenheim had an on-and-off relationship with Mary Fitzgerald, another Selling Sunset star. Their romance, which began before the show gained popularity, eventually transitioned into a close friendship. Fitzgerald remains an important part of Oppenheim’s life, and he often seeks her advice in matters of the heart.

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