Munster Shooting: Where Is Roy Viverette In Now? As a Hammond man was shot by police at a gas station after they claimed he tried to ram them with a stolen SUV, more people are searching about the Munster Shooting.

According to the Police, the offender was Roy Viverette, 30, of Hammond, Indiana.

According to a State Police incident report, Munster Police searched for a stolen SUV near Ridge Road and Manor Avenue at around 7:40 pm CT.

They located the black 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee that had been reported stolen at 323 Ridge Road, which is located about ten blocks east of the Illinois/Indiana state line.

When the police cars arrived in the parking lot of the gas station, Viverette jumped into the Jeep and began to hit the cars with the SUV.

When a policeman fired at the SUV, the Jeep’s windscreen was hit. Unfortunately, because the case is still delicate, not much is known about it.

Munster Shooting: 30-Years Old Roy Viverette Arrested

A Hammond man was taken into custody Wednesday night after getting into a physical altercation with a Munster Police officer that resulted in the officer firing his gun, according to state Police.

According to a statement from Indiana State Police, Munster Police officers located a stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee at a gas station at 323 Ridge Road just before 8 o’clock.

When the police pulled into the gas station parking lot, the defendant, 30-year-old Roy Viverette, jumped into the stolen Jeep and rammed the patrol cars with it.

A Munster police officer opened fire on Viverette, striking the Jeep’s windscreen with his bullet.

Viverette got out of the Jeep and ran away from the gas station, according to State Police. One of the officers who pursued Viverette used a Taser to stop him.

Viverette was detained, checked out at a hospital, and then transported to the Lake County Jail.

Viverette is the target of an active complete extradition warrant from Cook County, Illinois, for a number of offenses, according to the authorities.

Additionally, Viverette is the subject of an active extradition warrant issued by Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) for a number of crimes committed in Illinois. The status of the officer has not been updated by Munster Police.

Munster Shooting: Where Is Roy Viverette In Now – Jail Or Prison?

Regrettably, not much information about Roy Viverette was discovered because, at the time this piece was being written, the Police had not provided any information about the suspect.

The suspect was examined for injuries at a nearby hospital before being taken to the Lake County Jail. However, no other details about the suspect were discovered.

Detectives from the State Police are investigating a Wednesday night gunshot involving Munster Police.

At the request of the Munster Police Department, Indiana State Police investigators are looking into the event.

The name of the officer and whether they were placed on administrative leave were withheld by State Police.

Viverette’s contact with the officers resulted in no injuries. News 8 has contacted the Munster Police Department to inquire further.

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