Who is Jerry Solomon?

Jerry Solomon, born in 1954, is an American sports agent and manager, who became known through working with famous athletes including Shannon Miller, Ivan Lendl, and his own now wife, Nancy Kerrigan. He is also a well-known producer of various television shows, movies, and sporting events.

Jerry Solomon’s Early Life

Solomon was born to parents Roberta Madison and Edward D. Solomon – his father was the chief executive of Shoe Town Inc. Right after matriculating from high school, he continued his education at the University of California at Los Angeles. He also earned a Master’s Degree in International Business from Columbia University.

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Jerry Solomon’s Career

Solomon’s career began in 1980, when he became the director of Volvo Grand Prix, managing the professional tennis circuit for five years. His early years at Volvo Grand Prix helped establish his career, as well as his net worth.

He then moved to a ProServ, a well-known sports management firm, actually working as the manager for his clients who mostly consist of famous athletes and sportspersons, often striking huge financial deals for them. With his perseverance, he then became ProServ’s Senior Vice President in 1990, and soon afterwards the company’s Marketing President.

During his time at ProServ, he has worked with various names in the sports industry, including Ivan Lendl, a pro tennis player, Karch Kiraly, a pro volleyball player and a former artistic gymnast. It was also during his time managing that he met his later wife, Nancy Kerrigan, a well-known figure skater. His years at ProServ catapulted his career to new heights and increased his wealth tremendously.

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Solomon is now the CEO and President of StarGames, LLC, a sports marketing, management, and events production company.

Jerry Solomon as a Producer

Aside from being a well-known manager, Solomon also ventured into production. He produced a number of sports events including “Scottish Grass Court”, “King of Beach Invitational”, “NetJets Showdown”, “Tennis Night in America”, and “BNP Paribas Showdown”, to name a few.

Solomon has also made his way through television and film. He produced shows including “Spike”, “Colors of Winter”, “Halloween on Ice”, “Nancy Kerrigan’s World of Skating”, and “Ivan Lend: Return of a Champion.” A couple of movies he also produced include “Great Pair Performers in Ice” and “The Easter Egg Adventure.” His stint as a producer also helped in considerably increasing his wealth.

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Jerry Solomon’s Accolades

With his reputation as a great manager and producer, Solomon also won a couple of awards in his field. He was inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, as well as the Personal Managers Hall of Fame, apart from also being named by Sporting News magazine as one of its 100 Most Powerful People in Sports. Figure Skating International also included him as one of its Top 25 Most Influential People in Figure Skating.

Jerry Solomon’s Net Worth

As of late 2018 and based in authoritative sources, Solomon’s net worth is reported to be over $15 million, acquire from his years working as a manager and producer. Together with his wife Nancy’s estimated fortune of over $8 million, they are certainly comfortable financially.

Jerry Solomon’s Personal Life

In terms of his personal life, Solomon has been married twice, firstly to Kathy, a fellow tournament manager at ProServ with whom he has a son named Clayton. They tied the knot in 1989, but eventually divorce in 1993, amid accusations of Jerry having an affair with (later wife) Nancy.


Solomon’s second marriage is to Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, who was also one of his former clients. They married in 1995 in Boston – despite experiencing six miscarriages, the two are now proud parents of three kids: Matthew, born in 1997, Brian in 2005, and Nicole in 2008.

Solomon is also an author, having written the book “An Insider’s Guide to Managing Sports Events”. Despite his busy schedule, he also serves as an adjunct professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and at the University of New Hampshire.

Solomon is also known for his various advocacies. He has established a number of foundations to help out people from various walks of life; some of these organizations include the Nancy Kerrigan Foundation, the Karch Kiraly Scholarship Fund, and the KidSport Foundation.

Jerry Solomon’s Wife

Solomon’s wife, Nancy Kerrigan, is an American actress and former Olympic figure skater, who won bronze medals in the 1991 World Championships and 1992 Winter Olympics, a silver medal at the 1992 World Championships and the 1994 Winter Olympics.

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Kerrigan made headlines when in 1994 when she was attacked by an assailant with a police bato, later discovered to have been hired by the ex-husband of her skating rival Tonya Harding.

Kerrigan retired from competitive skating in 1995, and since then has appeared in various television shows, including ice spectaculars, and sporting events from time to time.

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