Paola Locatelli parents are extremely grateful and proud of their daughter’s professional success in the entertainment industry. This article aims to introduce her father and mother to the readers.

Paola Locatelli is a popular French-Italian influencer, model, and actress. She has gained fame for her fashion and lifestyle content on social media, especially on Instagram, where she has a large following.

Paola is also known by the name Paola Lct and is the entrepreneur of Cape Verdean. She started gaining attention at the young age of 11 by sharing videos on her YouTube channel in 2015.

Furthermore, Paola Lct is one of the talents of Follow [fr], an agency that manages contracts, administration, and brand agreements.

As a model, Paola has collaborated with several fashion brands and designers and is also a brand ambassador for Puma.

Paola expanded her career to acting and has appeared in movies like Chair Tendre (2022), Dangerous Liaisons (2022), and Thicker Than Water (2023).

Apart from her modeling and acting work, Paola is also a social media influencer. She has a significant following on Instagram, where she shares her fashion and lifestyle content, including sponsored posts for various brands.

Paola Locatelli Parents Patrice Locatelli and Aline Lopes: Learn Facts About Them

Have you ever wondered about the parents of Paola Locatelli, the French-Italian influencer, model, and actress known for her fashion and lifestyle content? Let’s learn more about them.

Paola was born on March 2, 2004, in Thionville, Moselle, France, to her loving and supportive parents, Aline Lopes and Patrice Locatelli.

When Paola was two years old, her family moved to Paris, where she has been living ever since. Her parents have been instrumental in providing her with unconditional love, care, and support from a young age, encouraging her to pursue her dreams and ambitions.

Thanks to their constant encouragement, Paola began creating content on social media and YouTube at a young age and has achieved remarkable success in her career.

While the professional backgrounds of Paola’s parents are unknown, she frequently shares how they created a loving and supportive environment for her to grow and thrive.

Paola’s chic and elegant style has been featured in various fashion publications, and she has a large following of fans who admire her fashion content and acting skills.

Paola Locatelli Family Tree

Paola Locatelli is not only a loving daughter but also a supportive and kind sister to her siblings. She has a brother named Gabriel Locatelli and a sister named Melissa Lopes Locatelli, who has appeared in several of Paola’s YouTube videos.

The Locatelli family, comprising five members, leads a happy life together, often seen smiling and giggling with each other.

As for Paola’s love life, she is in a thriving and happy relationship with her partner, Sundy Jules, a French YouTuber and social media personality with over a million followers. His content fascinates and amazes many people.

The adorable couple has been together for several years, serving as each other’s biggest support system. They frequently share pictures of each other on their social media handles, and their tight-knit bond is admired by many.

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