Sammie Okposo Wife, Children:- Sammie Okposo was a Nigerian gospel musician. Sammie was also the CEO of Zamar Entertainment, a psalmist, and a music producer. 

Here we discuss Sammie Okposo Wife, Children, How Did He Die? Wikipedia, Biography, and Net worth.

Sammie Okposo Wife & Children

Sammie Okposo (30  May 1971- 25 November 2022) was a Nigerian gospel musician. Sammie was also the CEO of Zamar Entertainment, a psalmist, and a music producer. 

Ozioma Sammie Okposo is the beloved wife of Sammie Okposo. They married each other in the year 2010. They both have one daughter named Aula Okposo. Oziomo Sammie Okposo and Sammie Okposo dated for almost three years. Oziomo is the younger sister of Okpuno, Otolo native Kene Mkparu. She is also the CEO of Film House, Film One, and premier theaters in Nigeria. They decided to marry each other on 1 July 2010. He described his wife as a very understanding and patient partner.

Alula Kposa is currently studying abroad and has also developed a certain kind of love & interest towards music in her early childhood just like her father and is currently a great performer like her late father Okposo as well as her talented mother who is alive.

According to the rumors, in recent times, he was involved with a woman.  Okposo was being called out on the internet for impregnating a woman and then leaving her on her fate in the United States of America. He apologized for his mistake to all of his followers, fans, and wife and accepted his mistake. Therefore, he infused a woman and impregnated her, whose name is believed to be meant an African doll. The woman decided to keep the child. She claimed that Okposo abandoned her the moment he got to know that they got pregnant.

Sammie Okposo Wife & Children
                Sammie Okposo Wife & Children

Sammie Okposo How Did he Die?

Celebrated gospel musician Sammie Okposo passed away at the age of 51. The Nigerian Artist died in the early morning of Friday, 25 November, as per the information gathered from his staff. The official cause of death has not been discovered yet, though as per the reports suggested by the Nigerian media, the musician flumped after suffering a mild heart attack.

The cause of his death has been revealed by one of his family members only. Okposo was confirmed dead as soon as he was rushed to the hospital when he suddenly got flump. He died at his Lekki Home. The reason for his death was high blood pressure. Simultaneously, Sammie’s project manager, Hillary Vincent confirmed the passageway of the musician on a Friday morning. His sudden death came as a sudden shock for his close ones, relatives, friends, family & beloved fans. The sources also revealed that he was not feeling well before Friday as well and he couldn’t make it the very next morning.

Okposo’s project manager confirmed the news that the artist died on Friday early morning, 4:00 am at his residence located in Lagos. While speaking to the media, his family released a statement saying that “he is under the blessing of Jesus and singing with the merry angels”. Earlier, almost two years ago, he narrowly escaped two deaths. In the year, 2020, he was driving on a bridge when the car’s propeller shaft suddenly came out. The artist shared the incident’s picture on social media with a caption quoting “Just imagine what would have happened if the voice of God did not prompt me to slow down imagine what would have happened if I was still on 120kph when the propeller shaft of my car pulled off”. He came out of the accident unscathed. His friends from the music industry have paid their tribute to his death and mourned his death.

Sammie Okposo How Did he Die?
         Sammie Okposo How Did he Die?

Sammie Okposo Wikipedia, Biography

Sammie Okposo (30  May 1971- 25 November 2022) was a Nigerian gospel musician. Sammie was also the CEO of Zamar Entertainment, a psalmist, and a music producer. Okposo has collaborated with many other artists in the Soul music and gospel fields. He did team up with many popular singers like Marvellous Odiete on “ Follow You” and has also performed in different countries like Europe, Africa, and Northern America as well as curated a series of concerts called (Sammie Okposo Praise Party) SOPP. His recent album releases are The Statement 2018, which was produced by Kevin bond, the grammy winner. He was a successful artist and he has won many awards and recognitions. In the year 1992, he became an album producer in the Nigerian Cinema Industry. He then decided to switch to the music industry and make music. When Okposo released his first ever music album which was his debut music album “ Unconditional Love”, in 2000, with a hit single, “ welu-welu, he shook up the entire music industry. He was a well-known singer across the globe and won many recognitions in Nigeria. He was a gospel singer.

Sammie Okposo Wiki, Bio
                 Sammie Okposo Wiki, Bio

Sammie Okposo Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. He has made this much amount of wealth from his primary career as a gospel singer in Nigeria.

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