Today host Sheinelle Jones is a supermom! The NBC correspondent shares three children, son Kayin and twins Uche and Clara, with her husband, Uche Ojeh

Sheinelle has been one of the network’s leading broadcasters since 2014. In her years in the spotlight, she has managed to make balancing motherhood and her career look flawless. The Pennsylvania native became a mom in August 2009 when her eldest child, Kayin, was born. The twins, Uche and Clara, arrived in July 2012. 

Like many of her Today costars, Sheinelle has shared some of the biggest challenges of being a parent while appearing daily on the talk show.  

“I try to only travel once a week for work and what I’ve learned is that as opposed to fretting about not being there one night a week, I use that for my mommy time — my me time because I don’t get it frankly!” she told Mommy Nearest in May 2015. “There has to be some time where you feed yourself. I accept it when I’m on that flight — I close my eyes or watch a movie and I try to find the gift in that. I get a full night’s sleep and when I come home, I feel like a better mommy.”


The journalist’s kiddos are all full of personality, which is evident in their sweet moments together that she shares on Instagram. Sheinelle often offers glimpses into parenthood on Today and reveals relatable mommy moments with her little ones. One thing she has been very candid about over the years is managing mealtime with her three mini-mes.  

“Let’s say we’re making pasta. My 7-year-old has decided he doesn’t like meat all of a sudden – he’s a vegetarian unless it’s bacon,” the TV personality told People in July 2017. “My 4-year-old son has decided that he doesn’t like pasta sauce, so he likes butter with noodles.”

With all that aside, cooking and sharing meals is one of the many ways Sheinelle bonds with her children. As her kids grow up, she continues to notice they inherited some of the personality traits that helped lead her down her successful career path. 

“I remember my mom telling me to stop talking so much. Now, three kids of my own later, I guess they’re all just like me!” she told Parents in January 2021. “The good news is, perhaps they can turn it into a career like their mom did.”

Keep scrolling to meet Sheinelle’s three kids.

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