– TikToker Quest Gulliford has had his eyeballs tattooed black by artist Cobra Luna, who is known as the “inventor of the eyeball tattoo.” Gulliford spent six years considering the procedure and wore blackout contacts for 30 days before deciding to go ahead with it.
– The procedure cost $5,000 per eye, totaling $10,000, and involved Gulliford holding his own eyelids open while Luna injected four shots of pigment into each eyeball. The tattoos are permanent and cannot be removed.
– Gulliford, who has close to a million followers on TikTok, has spent an estimated $70,000 on tattoos over the past 13 years and plans to get more. He recently had a tattoo done on the skin below his eye and stated that he is “nowhere near done” with his tattoo transformation.

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Let’s talk about Quest Gulliford. He’s a TikToker with nearly a million followers. He’s also a walking canvas, covered head to toe in tattoos. But it’s not just his body that’s inked. His eyeballs are too.

Yes, you read that right. His eyeballs. The whites of his eyes are now black, thanks to Cobra Luna. Luna is a tattoo artist who’s been dubbed the “inventor of the eyeball tattoo.”

Gulliford didn’t make this decision lightly. He thought about it for six years. He even wore blackout contacts for a month to see how he’d feel. He loved it. But then he had to wait another six years because the procedure was so expensive.

How expensive, you ask? It cost him $5,000 per eye. That’s a whopping $10,000 in total. The procedure was finally completed in 2021.

During the procedure, Gulliford had to hold his own eyelids open. The tattoo artist then injected four shots of pigment into his eyeball. “After he would do each shot, he would barely touch it to rub it around,” Gulliford recalled in a TikTok video. “Now, it’s permanent.”

Since then, Gulliford has continued to add to his body art collection. He recently stated, “I am NO WHERE NEAR done with my tattoo transformation.” He’s spent an estimated $70,000 over 13 years on tattoos.

Despite the shock factor of his eyeball tattoos, Gulliford has no regrets. Even if he did, it wouldn’t matter. The tattoos are irreversible. But he’s happy with the results.

And for those who think there’s no more room for tattoos, Gulliford has a message: “I promise you there is.” So, if you’re into unique celeb tattoos, keep reading. And maybe follow Gulliford on TikTok. You never know what he’ll do next.

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