Did you know that the iPhone 12 model and later models have even more advanced cameras? One of these features is the HDR function. What exactly is the HDR function? How do you use it? For those who have the previous model, how do you capture HDR videos? This article will explain this in detail.

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What is HDR?

What exactly is the HDR function? HDR stands for High Dynamic Light Rendering, a processing technology that improves the brightness and contrast of images, increasing the dynamic range and detail of images compared to regular images. The final HDR image is composited using the LDR images with the highest detail corresponding to each exposure time to better reflect the visual effect in the real environment.Also, what we usually use is SDR.

What is HDR on iPhone?

So, what is the HDR function of iPhone? The iPhone’s HDR function can be divided into HDR for photos, HDR for videos, and HDR video playback.

First, let’s talk about HDR in photos. HDR (High Dynamic Range) allows you to take beautiful photos with large differences in brightness and darkness. By taking multiple photos in succession at different exposures and combining them into a single photo, details in both bright and dark areas are clearly expressed. By default, iPhones take photos in HDR when both the rear and front cameras are most effective.

When it comes to video HDR, iPhone 12 models, iPhone 13 models, iPhone 14 models, and iPhone 15 models have that feature. Older models before the iPhone 12 model do not support HDR video.

Regarding HDR video playback, it depends on the iPhone model. Similarly, new iPhone 12 models and later models have HDR displays, so they can play HDR videos.

As I introduced earlier, the iPhone 12 model and later models have the HDR video function. The same operation is required to turn HDR video on/off. First, tap “Camera” in “Settings” and turn “Video shooting” – “HDR video” on or off. If you turn it on, when you shoot a video with your iPhone camera, it will automatically become an HDR video.

How to capture HDR video on older iPhone ?

However, only iPhone 12 and later models are compatible with HDR video, so if you have an older model, what should you do if you want to capture HDR video? Is there any way? Actually, there is a way to turn ordinary videos into HDR videos. Here, we will introduce one software.

Recommended software: UniFab HDR Upscaler AI

Special software is required to upscale SDR videos to HDR. There are various software on the market, but many are difficult to use for beginners. According to my experience, UniFab HDR Upscaler AI is a software that is easy to operate even for beginners.

UniFab HDR アップスケーラー AI is one of the DVDFab company AI products. This software uses AI technology to upscale videos to HDR. With the development of advanced models, all kinds of videos such as natural scenery, special effects scenes, night shots, etc. can greatly improve the color effect, creating more realistic and pleasing images. In particular, there are two video modes to choose from. Universal mode is set to be slightly brighter so that details in the image can be recognized even in spaces where lighting control is not ideal. Cinema mode has lower brightness than Universal mode. However, the brightness range is wider and the contrast between light and dark is more pronounced, creating a more realistic visual effect.

UniFab HDR Upscaler AI features

  • With the development of advanced models, the color effects of all types of videos, including natural scenery, special effects scenes, and night shots, can be greatly improved.
  • Supports upscaling to Dolby Vision quality, providing an immersive viewing experience.
  • Upgrade SDR to HDR10 for optimal compatibility with HDR equipment.
  • Adopts cutting-edge technology and is equipped with AI technology to repair and upscale even the smallest details.
  • Convert SDR videos to HDR with simple operations

Besides upscaling to HDR, you can also trim the beginning, end or any part of the video you don’t need. Additionally, you can split video frames into multiple clips for multiple output files.

There is a 30-day free trial, so you can download it for free and try it out with confidence.


In this article, we explained the HDR function of iPhone for each model. In particular, for users of older models before iPhone 12, we introduced a method that allows you to upscale SDR video to HDR video without having to trade in your smartphone. UniFab HDR Upscaler AI is the best choice here. Please try using it.

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