Where Is Gypsy Crusader Now? He was on January 31, 2023, given permission to leave prison under supervision. Continue reading to learn more!

Paul Nicholas Miller is a political commentator, streamer, former Muay Thai fighter, and convicted felon. He is also known by his online alias Gypsy Crusader.

He is well known for his live streams on various social media sites, where he cosplays as different characters—including Mario, the Joker, and the Riddler—while discussing politics with random Omegle users.

Crusader, on the other hand, began studying Muay Thai in 2008.

In the World Kickboxing Association, he later won the titles of American National Champion and Regional Light-Heavyweight Champion.

Where Is Gypsy Crusader Now? Jail & Paul Miller Arrest Explained

According to trackingterrorism, Gypsy Crusader was released from prison on January 31, 2023.

On March 2, 2021, he was taken into custody and accused of three offenses.

Flashbangs reportedly went off during the early-morning raid on Miller’s Fort Lauderdale home, according to reports.

On January 17, 2018, Miller was found to be in unlawful possession of a firearm, which resulted in his arrest. On February 25, 2021, he was charged with the offense that began in January 2018.

His first hearing took place on March 3. He expressed his regret during the hearing by saying, “I sincerely apologize for everything. I truly am.

He also contacted Mark O’Mara, the attorney who represented George Zimmerman, and informed the judge that he had the means to hire counsel.

Later, he hired a lawyer and free speech advocate, Norman Kent, according to Lawandcrime. He was refused bail on March 10 at his bond trial and was required to stay behind bars throughout the proceedings.

On June 22, 2021, Miller pleaded guilty to one count of having a handgun, ammunition, and an unregistered firearm.

Additionally, Miller “confessed that he had bought the ammo and that he had attempted to manufacture his gun in part to learn about firearms production in preparation for a forthcoming civil war,” according to prosecutors in a press release.

In the months before his arrest, Miller had written hundreds of posts on the internet expressing his animosity toward various minority groups and his support for the start of a racial civil war in the United States.

On January 31, 2023, he was given permission to leave prison under supervision.

Gypsy Crusader Family Life And Background

Gypsy Crusader was born in New York to devoted parents. His father is of Romani ancestry, and his mother is Mexican.

Miller began training Muay Thai at the age of 20, and in 2008, after just three months of instruction with The Institute and 9 Weapons Muay Thai, he took part in his first amateur fight.

He eventually worked as a trainer and coach for The Institute after a car accident rendered him unable to continue fighting professionally.

Despite having a short career, he won the World Kickboxing Association titles of U.S.S. National Champion and Regional Light-Heavyweight Champion.

Not to mention that he was arrested in November 2006 on suspicion of aggravated assault and found to be in possession of a Remington AirMaster pellet gun, which is how his legal issues got started.

According to New Jersey Spotlight, he was repeatedly detained for drug-related offenses the following year and given a five-year probationary period.

He doesn’t appear to have learned a lesson from his prior run-ins with the Police, so hopefully, three or more years in prison will help him develop new, non-racist priorities. Home 

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