Thom Bierdz is a renowned American actor known for his roles in several TV shows and movies, including The Young and the Restless, St. Elmo’s Fire, and Matlock. Thom Bierdz has been in the entertainment industry for several years. He rose to fame for his portrayal of Phillip Chancellor III in the drama The Young and the Restless. He also appeared in other TV shows such as Melrose Place, Murder, She Wrote, and Matlock, among others. Bierdz returned to The Young and the Restless in 2004, 2009, 2010, and 2011 for special appearances. He also appeared in the web series Old Dogs New Tricks in 2012 and 2013.

While his career has been successful, he has had to deal with family tragedies that have shaped his personal life. Bierdz has also been open about his sexuality and his nine-year relationship with his partner, Ron Morgan. In this article, we take a closer look at Bierdz’s life, including his career, family troubles, and personal life with his husband.

Know About Thom Bierdz’s Partner

Thom Bierdz is an openly gay member of the LGBTQ+ community. He initially hid his sexuality when he first entered the acting industry but later became open about it. Bierdz has been in a relationship with his partner, Ron Morgan, for over nine years. While Bierdz has not shared pictures of his boyfriend, it is believed that the couple has been dating longer than the pictures that date back to 2012.

Who Is Thom Bierdz's Husband? A Look Into His Personal Life

Bierdz has been absent from the TV and film industry since 2016. It appears that he has taken a break from his career to enjoy his personal life. While he has not shared any details about his break, it is clear that he is content with his current lifestyle. The couple has not married yet but is known to be living a private and joyous life away from the spotlight.

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Know About Bierdz’s Family Troubles

Despite his successful career, Bierdz’s personal life has been marked by family tragedies. In 1989, his youngest brother, Troy, murdered their mother with a baseball bat. Troy is currently serving a 50-year term in a Wisconsin prison without the possibility of release. Bierdz presented an episode of Evil Lives Here in 2018 based on his biography, Forgiving Troy, where he discussed his brother’s behavior leading up to their mother’s death.

Who Is Thom Bierdz's Husband? A Look Into His Personal Life

Furthermore, Bierdz’s other brother, Craig Bierdz, committed suicide in May 2000. Thom Bierdz now lives with his sister and has spoken openly about his family tragedies and how they have affected him.

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Thom Bierdz is a successful American actor with a career spanning several decades. While he has had to deal with family tragedies, Bierdz has been able to overcome them and focus on his personal life. He is an openly gay member of the LGBTQ+ community and has been in a relationship with his partner, Ron Morgan, for over nine years. While Bierdz has taken a break from the industry, his fans continue to support him and look forward to seeing him return to the screen.

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