Nana Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre, Charlie Clark Nissan, died at the age of 99. Let’s take a closer look at Charlie Clark Nissan’s Nana’s death and Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre’s cause of death.

How did Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre die?

Charlie Clark Nissan shared the sad news of the passing of the most well-known “Nana” in the Rio Grande Valley.

Charlie Clark Nissan posted on Facebook, “It is with a sorrowful heart that we inform you of the passing of Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre ‘Nana’. Nana won our hearts and became a symbol of our Nanas”

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre, affectionately known as “Nana,” appeared in Charlie Clark dealership promotions on billboards and in television commercials all throughout the Valley.

Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre’s demise

It is with a Heavy Heart that we inform you of the passing of Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre “Nana”. We are thankful for all the Love and Affection that was shown towards her. Nana won our hearts and became a symbol of our Nanas. She is and will continue to be a Pillar to all that knew her. You will be forever RGV’s Nana, El Paso’s, Laredo’s… Our Nana!

Funeral arrangement will be posted later. Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre caus eof death was natural and it seems to be age factor.

Clark revealed to ValleyCentral that his most recent movie, “Green Ghost,” was made in Nana’s honor. According to Charlie Clark of ValleyCentral, “She became quite a legendary character in South Texas, Mexico, and now the El Paso area.” She was a lighthouse, and she is someone we look up to.”

Who was Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre?

Aguirre, a native of Montemorelos, Mexico, was the Clark family’s longtime nanny who raised Clark and worked for the family for four generations. Being practically related, Clark and Aguirre had a tight bond.

The biography on the dealership’s website reads, “Even though Mrs. Aguirre was married to her husband Amado and had a daughter of their own, she would eventually love Charlie to the point where she would consider him as her own son and he as a mother.” This connection turned into a mainstay of a sales campaign the company ran to sell cars to the Latino community.

“Charlie even used his cherished Nana in his marketing campaigns, occasionally imitating appropriate comedic elements from Hollywood films like Rocky. In which Charlie and Nana imitate Sylvester Stallone and his wife in the film Rocky by playing the roles of boxer and trainer, respectively.

“Charlie Clark Nissan Harlingen would find rapid success after partnering with the Latino community, and they would never look back.”

Aguirre, who was petite and had a grandmotherly appearance, appeared in many of these advertisements, humorously threatening to “pau pau” Clark in to emphasize that the business would uphold its pledges with a spanking or chancla.

Tributes to The Dead

Niria Rios commented,

Mi más sentido pésame,no ay palabras de consuelo un fuerte abrazó y que descanse en Paz,nuestra Nana Del Valle.

Luisa Olvera posted,

Ay no k tristeza pero bueno ay k agradeser a dios por el tiempo k selas presto y agradeser a dios por k fue 7n ser k dejó buenos recuerdos nosotros el público la recordaremos con su pao pao k tenga un eterno descanso y k este con dios amén amén

Gaby VillaLo commented,

Que triste noticia, reciban mi más sentido pésame, un abrazo fuerte para todos en especial para Charlie, tantos años viendolos juntos demostrandose el gran cariño y amor que los unia QEPD Nana y que Dios te reciba en sus amorosos brazos.

Eva Gonzalez commented,

Que Dios Les de Consuelo y Fortaleza Divina. Fue una Gran Mujer, de Mucha Fe. 100 años Bien vividos. Gracias por Todo lo que hiciste por Ella Charlie. La Recompensa viene de Dios. En Nuestras Oraciones!!!

Jesus Acevedo commented,

Personalmente no tuve la fortuna de conocerla pero de tanto verla en la ya la quería igual que Charlie descanse en paz NANA te extrañare siempre.Home  and More

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