An alleged incident that is said to have occurred in New Mexico’s Aztec region more than 60 decades ago claims that 16 ‘humanoid bodies’ were found in a ‘UFO’ that crashed during its landing.

Gone are the days when extraterrestrials remained unique to fiction and television. Reports about UFO sightings have become extremely common and a large majority of people have started to question the government’s alleged involvement in keeping information about aliens classified and hidden from the public. Ufologists are going to great lengths to prove there is life beyond Earth, and digging up less-talked-about incidents from the past in the process.

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Authors claim ‘UFO’ that crashed in Aztec, New Mexico, had ’16 humanoid bodies’

The ‘UFO’ crash incident that allegedly occurred on March 25, 1948, has been branded as a hoax by many, but ufologists continue to argue that people are unaware of what exactly happened.

Several authors and UFO enthusiasts still continue to claim that a spacecraft crashed in Aztec in 1948 when it was trying to land. The destroyed vehicle was allegedly spotted by localities before the military intervened.

If the rumors are to be believed, the UFO was about 100 feet in diameter and 18 feet tall. More than the size of the spacecraft itself, people were baffled by the supposed passengers it was carrying.

It has been claimed that 16 “humanoid bodies” were “secretly retrieved” from the UFO and studied by some of the world’s leading scientists.

While the authors and UFO enthusiasts have bought the above theory, the government is believed to have never investigated the matter.

Ufologists show ‘alien bodies’ on national television

Even today, Mexico is a hot spot for alleged UFO sightings and earlier this year, a UAP hearing saw ufologists display “alien corpses” on national television.

The skeletal remains allegedly belonged to “non-human” species that were mummified. “X-rays” of the unidentified creatures showed they had “ovaries and eggs” similar to humans.

They were believed to be over 1000 years old, which was determined by studying the DNA found in the corpses using carbon dating.

The journalist at the hearing claimed that the “alien corpses” shown to Congress were not recovered from a UFO site, but instead, they were found in mines in Cusco, Peru.

But, people around the world expressed their skepticism about the remains belonging to an alien, and some Internet users even turned it into a viral meme by revealing it to be a cake.

Fear of aliens is looming large everywhere

From claims about aliens in the backyard of a house in Las Vegas to predator-like ‘Face Peelers‘ in Peru, the fear associated with UAPs is on the rise. Here are more such reports that’ll boggle your mind:

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