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April 29, 2024

Below Decks Ben Complicates His Fling With Sunny Marquis by Contacting Camille Lamb
Ben Willoughby and Sunny Marquis Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Ben Willoughby surprised Sunny Marquis — and Below Deck viewers — by ending their casual relationship in order to try to get back together with Camille Lamb.

During the Monday, April 29, episode, Ben started to have doubts about whether he wanted to keep seeing Sunny. His resurfaced feelings for Camille, who appeared on season 10 of Below Deck, didn’t make Ben’s decision any easier.

“Being back on board St. David, it is like taking a stroll down memory lane,” Ben told the cameras. “With Camille, it was this instant spark. We were very much like kids in love. I’ve just been really thinking about her recently.”

The bosun said he still had hope for him and Camille, adding, “Maybe there’s a part of me believing there could be something because we were great together. See what girls have done to me?”

In order to reconcile with Camille, however, Ben first had to end things with Sunny. He made the situation more complicated by posting about Camille several times on his social media before letting Sunny know about his doubts.

Below Decks Ben Complicates His Fling With Sunny Marquis by Contacting Camille Lamb
Camille Lamb Courtesy of Camille Lamb/Instagram

Ben took part in an Instagram Q&A where he answered several fan questions about his personal life.

In response to a question about where he stands with Camille, Ben replied, “Lots has happened since this season finished. All in due time you’ll find out.” Another person asked what Ben’s favorite snacks were while on St. David for season 10. He responded with a photo of Camille, writing, “Her.”

Ben was also asked whether his relationship with Camille was over. “I wouldn’t say so. Camille and I have this spark,” he noted.

It didn’t take long for Sunny to see the public posts for herself. “Wait, what the hell? What a little dick,” she said before getting emotional in front of Paris Field and Barbie Pascual.

Sunny’s friends asked her what Ben said about his relationship with Camille.

“It was last year. She cheated on him,” Sunny explained. “I know we are just sleeping together, but it is just weird. And I am supposed to act like nothing [is wrong] on deck because work and play is different. But it is really hard right now.”

Below Decks Ben Complicates His Fling With Sunny Marquis by Contacting Camille Lamb
Sunny Marquis and Ben Willoughby Courtesy of Ben Willoughby/Instagram

Once Ben caught wind of Sunny’s feelings, he didn’t seem thrilled. “We aren’t even f—king dating. What’s wrong you f—king girls?” he said. “I tried to have a chat with Paris and she goes, ‘Why are you doing this to my girl Sunny?’ I’m like, ‘What f—king now?’”

Ben told deckhand Kyle Stillie that he planned to part ways with Sunny.

“I’m just gonna have to finish it, dude. I’m unhappy. I have had connections with people before and I just don’t think Sunny and I have that,” Ben admitted. “I think it is better to leave it, mate. F—king hell, I’ll never understand the mind of a lady.”

When Ben and Sunny crossed paths, she told him that his online comments took her “off guard,” adding, “I wasn’t expecting that.” Ben, meanwhile, wasn’t apologetic for the hurt that he caused Sunny throughout the season.

“It’s just there is always something. I was just annoyed. I just need to finish this charter season strong, so I think you know where we are,” he noted. “If we sleep together, we sleep together. If we don’t, we don’t. I don’t think we are attached to each other whatsoever.”

Sunny rehashed the conversation to Paris and Barbie but surprised them both by blaming herself.

“I get what he is saying that he can’t be himself. There’s always something wrong like I’m f—king toxic,” the lead deckhand said while getting emotional. “I’m just working through s—t. If there’s that many problems in the beginning then what the f—k am I doing?”

Despite his split from Sunny, Ben bounced back quickly and was calling Camille by the next day.

“I’ve been thinking about my ex a lot recently,” he said in a confessional. “I do like Sunny. She’s cute and really funny to be with. But I don’t have [a] spark with Sunny. You can’t force anything, there has to be a spark there. Like last year with Camille. That is the magic I am after.”

Bravo viewers were introduced to Ben and Camille when they joined season 10 in 2022. Things heated up between the duo, but Camille’s firing caused them to remain in contact over text. Ben and Camille reunited later that season on screen and appeared to be going strong until he confirmed their split.

On Tuesday’s episode, fans got a glimpse into Ben and Camille’s awkward dynamic over a FaceTime call. Camille appeared surprised by Ben’s call before briefly filling him in on her life in Florida. Ben, meanwhile, said he wanted to see Camille once his job was over.

“I would love to see you, just to say hello,” he said, to which she responded, “Oh, I don’t know. I mean I just got to town two months ago.”

After their brief call ended, Ben called himself a “f—king loser,” adding, “I kind of feel stupid because it is over. It is a hard pill to swallow. I am swallowing it again for a second time. You gotta learn it from the first time. Now I know.”

Below Deck season 11 airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET. New episodes stream the next day on Peacock.

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