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April 26, 2024

Pauly Shore Was Up All Night Crying Over Richard Simmons Response to Playing Him in Biopic
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Pauly Shore is making a plea for his case to portray Richard Simmons in an upcoming biopic after the workout guru expressed his disapproval of the casting and the project.

In a message posted via X on Wednesday, April 24, Simmons, 75, wrote, “I just read that a man that I don’t know is writing my biopic starring Pauly Shore. I do not approve [of] this movie. I am in talks with major studios to create my own biopic with some help. Wait for this movie.”

In response, Shore, 56, issued a lengthy statement via Instagram.

“You guys, I was up all night crying regarding Richard Simmons’ tweet. Richard, how do you not approve of this movie? I mean, really, who’s better to play you in a movie than ME?” Shore began. “Leonardo DiCaprio’s not gonna play you. Brad Pitt’s not gonna play you. I’m perfect. Everyone already thinks I’m you. We’re the same. Beautiful, inside and out.”

He continued, “Richard, you haven’t even heard the pitch. Why don’t you simply let me come over to your house, bring you some warm matzo ball soup and a pastrami sandwich with dark mustard from Canters, rub your feet, and we can listen to the writer, Jordan Allen-Dutton, pitch you our idea?”

Pauly Shore Was Up All Night Crying Over Richard Simmons Response to Playing Him in Biopic
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(Allen-Dutton was announced as the writer of the untitled feature film earlier this week, per Deadline. The Wolper Organization, a Warner Bros. subsidiary, is also tied to the project.)

Calling the Sweatin’ to the Oldies creator his “old buddy” and noting that they “used to hang out back in the day,” Shore continued to spell out why he thinks he’s the best choice to fill Simmons’ shoes.

“Richard, you’re going to love our movie,” he added. “We’re going to make the most beautiful cinematic masterpiece that’s going to honor you in a way that you’ll drop to your knees and cry with joy and happiness.”

Shortly after Shore’s statement was posted, Simmons gave an update on the journey to making his own biopic via Facebook on Friday, April 26.

Pauly Shore Was Up All Night Crying Over Richard Simmons Response to Playing Him in Biopic
Richard Simmons Harry Langdon/Getty Images

“Wow! I just got my fourth offer from studios who want to work with me on my biopic,” he wrote. “I have so many ideas swimming in my head. I am writing the outline now. Wish me luck!”

Shore previously starred as Simmons in the Jake Lewis-directed short film, The Court Jester, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

“I am him,” the Encino Man actor told Entertainment Weekly ahead of the film’s premiere. “I like helping people. I like health. I like putting that energy out there.”

“Richard and I are not endorsing this project,” Simmons’ rep told Entertainment Tonight in response to The Court Jester. “It is unauthorized. I spoke to Pauly last year and told him [Richard] is not ready to tell his story.”

A rep for Simmons declined to comment.

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