Peggy Zabakolas is a seasoned veteran when it comes to real estate and reality TV – and that means she’s used to high stakes (and high tensions) in making the multi-million-dollar deal. 

But on season 2 of Selling the Hamptons on MAX, the Nest Seekers International power broker is over all the drama, and tells In Touch exclusively about standing up for herself, saying ‘f–k it’ and focusing on her personal growth – and gets candid about freezing her eggs and what she wants in her future.

You’ve starred on Million Dollar Beach House and Selling the Hamptons, so you’re a TV veteran now. How is the second season of Selling the Hamptons different than the first?

I think my personal stance for this season was I wasn’t going to take c–p from anyone and I was putting my foot down. I’ve had enough of the drama personally. That was my growth. But overall, there was a lot more drama. There were two other agents that came in. It was not only accentuating the beauty of the Hamptons, but [there’s] also more personal drama in that.

I understand there’s some tension this season with the new agents coming on board.

I mean, contrary to how I’m portrayed on the show, I really try to stay out of the drama this year. I try to take a step back and look and watch everything else unfold as far as drama and everyone talking s–t about each other. But I grew up in a Greek family with a Greek mom. No one can offend me in that sense. But it was interesting to see. I guess I knew [costars Mike] Fulfree and Dylan [Eckardt] had a history, so it was interesting to see that unfold. I mean, we need the drama, that’s part of life.

Agreed. That’s just part of doing massive deals, negotiating and working with high profile clients. So what kind of over the top real estate will we see this season?

There’s a trend where agents like to go after either my clients or my listing. And as the years have progressed, I’ve kind of put my foot down a bit more. But this season I really said f–k it. I’m tired of people constantly going after my clients, my deals. And I really stood up for myself and represented myself and approached things differently where I actually asked for help. This year was more about my personal growth as far as where the next level for me is at. Maybe I didn’t really portray the biggest deals on the show, but I think the biggest and most important was the next level for my career. It was also standing up for women and just standing up for constantly being taken advantage of. As far as the next step of my career goes, that will just be ‘to be continued.’ The show is left off as a cliffhanger – if I’m staying in the company or not.

While other cast members were fighting with each other on the show, who were you fighting for this season?

I felt like I was fighting for myself after watching the season and seeing the feedback and hearing the feedback from women, fathers of daughters. I think women are often taught to be people pleasers and make right of the situation. And by doing that we put ourselves second or last. And I think this year I was like, ‘Nope, I’m putting myself first.’ And I’m tired of constantly giving away business or not fighting for it because I’m always of the mentality of there’s enough to go around for everyone, but I fought hard and I worked hard to get this business. And it’s not fair that women constantly just take the back seat. I just let it happen. So this year I said absolutely not. And I demanded what was rightfully mine and I showed a different angle of me.


And you’re also making a very personal decision in your life right now amid your busy and successful career. You froze your eggs. 

I normally am a very, very, very private person, especially when it comes to [anything] personal. But I think that we should normalize speaking about women’s health, and I think we should make it a common conversation because I thought when I froze my eggs, I thought I was one of my only friends to do it. And then the second I vocalized I did it or I was doing this journey, dozens of women came out and said they did it too or they’re thinking about it. I want to normalize it and I want it to be more accepted in conversation, and I want women to know that it’s not a bad thing. I look at it as an insurance policy. I thought about this the other day when I was doing it. I was like when I have a daughter and if by the time she’s 30 and she’s not married or in a serious relationship, I’m going to give it to her because I think it’s a good insurance policy. You have insurance on everything else. Why not on your future? 

When did you make such an important decision?

I did it in November. It was really to relieve stress. I honestly feel like I was born to be a mom, and my story and my path is different than others. And it’s really just a personal decision. Honestly, I wish I didn’t sooner. I think there would’ve been less stress with a lot of issues around that.

Are you single or dating anybody? 

I want to keep that portion personal. It was strictly based off the fact of my age and that I know I want to be a mother. And I am busy with my career, but I also am in a place where my family would come first. So when that timing is there, it’s a backup plan. I don’t want to lose the opportunity of having a family, a biological family, because I was busy working or didn’t decide to invest in my own personal health and my own future. 

Season 2 ends with a cliffhanger. Will you be back on the show?

It’s not necessarily [about] coming back to the show. The cliffhanger is with Nest Seekers, so that that’s where it’s [left] open. [But] we haven’t even crossed that bridge yet.


Would you show this more personal side of your family and baby journey on the show?

I mean, it is a reality show, so I feel like whatever’s going on at that point in my life, we would be dealing with. Who knows by the time – if we film another season – I could be pregnant by then. Not that I’m going to be, but anything’s possible.

What are your next projects?

I’ll spend my summer in Palm Beach, ironically, instead of the Hamptons, because every year you try to grow, right? So I’m trying to grow that aspect of my career in that sense, which is amazing because it’s just expanding. I have a bunch of speaking engagements and just trying to just use the platform in any way possible and just grow and expand my brand and my team. If there will be a season 3 [of Selling the Hamptons], we’ll really launch everything even more. 

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