Season 4, episode 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise brought plenty of drama for several couples. The Monday, May 20, episode was filled with memorable moments, including a fight about a prenup and a sweet moment of self acceptance.

Luke and Madelein

One week after fans watched Luke tell Madelein he wasn’t moving to be with her in Colombia during his current trip, he said she had been “sulking” ever since he broke the news.

Meanwhile, he tried to get a clear head by talking to his friend Brian about his new sunglasses business and the arguments he’s been having with Madelein. Brian advised Luke to get a “bulletproof prenup” if he ever marries Madelein, and the United States native agreed with the suggestion.

Later in the episode, Madelein said she was excited for the wedding planning process during a visit to her grandmother’s house. However, she admitted she had concerns about her and Luke’s finances. Despite her fears, Madelein made an appointment to see a venue for their wedding.

Luke eventually brought up signing a prenup before they tie the knot, which made Madelein upset and she stormed off.

Ani and Kyle

After getting into a fight over his latest sperm donation during the May 13 episode of the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, Ani and Kyle had a tough conversation about their future. He said he was willing to make compromises in order to make their relationship work, though said he would not stop donating sperm.

Alliya and Shawn

One week after Shawn admitted to Alliya that he was having a hard time accepting her transition, she met up with her friend Jackie and said she wanted to give Shawn space to come to terms with his feelings.

Alliya admitted she worried that Shawn may never love her as much as a female, adding that she is open to gender reassignment surgery but is not currently considering it.

Despite their issues, Shawn made the most of Alliya’s 25th birthday by throwing her a party with some of her friends. She said “goodbye” to Douglass at her bash and ultimately felt more free.

Shawn was happy to see Alliya feeling more comfortable in her skin, though admitted he still had reservations about their relationship. He eventually acknowledged that he needed to “get on board, or let go of Alliya and Douglass.”

Prenups and More! '90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise' Season 4, Episode 5 Recap

Alex and Adriano

After spending one week in Italy, Alex said that she and Adriano have been arguing over many different subjects.

In light of their issues, she met up with her cousin Tiffany to do pottery and have “girl time.” Alex then told Tiffany that she was having second thoughts about their relationship, stating that she might be trying to fit Adriano into a plan that he does not want to be part of.

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