• Sarah Hyland confirmed her exit from Love Island USA due to a conflicting work commitment, disappointing fans.
  • Fans have expressed concern over Hyland’s changing appearance in recent Instagram photos, sparking debate.
  • Despite Hyland’s departure, Love Island USA has been renewed for two more seasons, with speculation on potential replacements.

Sarah Hyland’s Love Island USA gig is coming to an end. Speculation surrounding her departure caused the actress to make a statement earlier than she would have liked, and she used her Instagram Story to share her thoughts with fans. “Well, I just got a text. I’m disappointed the news had to break this way, but it is, in fact, true that I will not be returning to the island this summer,” Hyland wrote.


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Despite her disappointment about leaving the show, she teased another work commitment. “I have committed to an exciting project that will be announced soon that conflicts directly with the shooting dates for Love Island USA,” she wrote. “While I’m sad I can’t return, I hope to see lots of love this summer on Peacock this upcoming season!” At the same time, fans are interested in her recent Instagram photo.

What Are Fans Saying About Sarah Hyland’s New Post On IG?

Sarah Hyland walking with umbrella
Via Instar

Many fans will likely be disappointed that Sarah Hyland will no longer work with Love Island USA. However, there appears to be less chatter about this on her social media and more questions about her alleged changing appearance. Earlier this week, Hyland posted a selfie on her account. “Peachy Keen for @armanibeauty,” she captioned the post. The reaction to her photos has indicated that some fans are concerned.

“Girl, I love you, but what happened to your face,” one fan wrote. Others share similar views, with comments including, “Um, she looks dif tho, like?!?!? Less natural girl. I’m worried,” and “Looks like such a bad face surgery. What happened?” Some fans have even questioned whether this is Hyland in the pictures. “Is that really you? Why do you look so different???”

There have also been those who have come to Hyland’s defense. “Actor: Stops looking like a child/adolescent/young adult. Fans: Omg, what did you do to your face!!?!” one comment reads. “She just looks like a grown woman. Stunning as always.” Another commenter slammed people for sharing their opinions on Hyland’s appearance. “It amazes me how many absolute f***ing strangers feel the need to stop and post some hateful s*** about a person they know nothing about,” the comment reads.

What Has Sarah Hyland Said About Working On ‘Love Island USA’?

Sarah Hyland smiling
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Despite Sarah Hyland’s exit, the reality TV show has reportedly been renewed for another two seasons. There is currently no announcement on who will replace Hyland, but there has been speculation that Ariana Madix will be booked for Season 6 and Season 7, TMZ reports.

The outlet claims no information suggests Hyland will return to host the show in the future. But it is no secret that Hyland enjoyed her time on Love Island USA, and she shared this during an interview with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in July 2022.


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“Oh my gosh, it’s so fun,” she said. “So, they just called me up, you know, the good ole Peacock, and asked me [to host], and I said, ‘Yes, thank you so much, Peacock.’ I love reality dating shows … and we have ten very, very, very sexy human beings on this show. I could not stop staring.” She continued, “They’re all very beautiful, lovely people, and they do sexy, naughty challenges, and they’re looking for love. … We shoot in real time on Tuesdays through Sundays.”

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