It is not only Christmas that people will be getting excited about this week. Along with the first days of our advent calendars, we will soon be able to open Spotify Wrapped 2023.

The streaming service has been showing us – and others – our most-listened to artists for seven years now. For some, their genre choice is clear. For others, there can be an even balance between rock, show tunes, and dance music.

Spotify shows just how eclectic our music choices can be, and Wrapped can be a nostalgic affair for those who have been through a lot in the previous 12 months. Well, 10 of the 12, to be precise, because Wrapped actually stops tracking on October 31st of the year in question.

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Spotify Wrapped tracks for 10 months of the year

As reported by Pop Buzz, Spotify will stop tracking on October 31. Every year the counting period for the wrap is from January 1st to October 31st.

As of now, Spotify has never revealed how it counts the data. Nonetheless, people have been happy with their results all these years. Things are no different this year as people are waiting eagerly for their wraps to be released.

From personal experience, Wrapped always gets it spot-on. Those songs we just have to listen to every day or always at the top. Whereas some that hit hard during particularly important parts of the previous year often get a well-deserved place on the list.

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