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Updated on: March 28, 2024

Summer House Recap Lindsay Thinks Carl Wanted Her to Change in Romance
Lindsay Hubbard, Carl Radke. Noam Galai/BRAVO (2)

Lindsay Hubbard confessed that she might’ve been “naïve” during her relationship with Carl Radke after issues continued to plague them ahead of their nuptials.

“I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve had a sex problem or dated a sober guy,” Lindsay, 37, told Amanda Batula and Paige DeSorbo on the Thursday, March 28, episode of Summer House, which was filmed in July 2023, one month before Carl, 39, called off his and Lindsay’s wedding.

Lindsay then claimed that Carl’s preconceived ideas about her as a girlfriend versus a friend were partially to blame for their struggles.

“I honestly think he thought we were going to get into a relationship, and I was going to change,” she told the girls, to which Paige, 31, replied, “To what though?”

Amanda, 32, gave her insight into the situation during a confessional, saying, “I don’t think Carl was like, ‘She’s going to change for me.’ I think Carl thought because we’re madly in love and going to get married she would have a little more respect for him. Or treat him differently than she does everyone else.”

Lindsay continued to confide in her housemates during the group’s Hamptons’ racing party, confessing, “There are little miniature flags” with Carl, “But they’re not red enough for me to be like, ‘Oh I don’t want to get married.’”

Elsewhere in the episode, Kyle Cooke expressed concerns over “red flags” he thought Carl was overlooking. At the time, Carl was still in New York City, while his then-fiancée Lindsay was in the Hamptons with the rest of their pals.

Summer House Recap Lindsay Thinks Carl Wanted Her to Change in Romance
Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo. Bryan Bedder/Bravo

“My two cents from his perspective, ever since I got serious with Amanda he’s wanted a relationship,” Kyle, 42, alleged to Lindsay of Carl’s thought process. “Right now, he’s in tunnel vision mode. [Saying], ‘This wedding’s happening.’ He’s basically so committed to seeing this thing through he’s pushing through some of the red flags, not even a red flag, some of the hardships.”

Lindsay fired back, asking, “He wants the marriage more than the actual relationship? That’s what you’re basically telling me right now.”

Kyle said that he was just trying to explain that Carl “loves” Lindsay and wants the wedding to work out “so bad,” even with all their ups and downs.

Lindsay got defensive and claimed that Carl was the one causing their fights because he can’t get past her drinking. (Carl has been sober since 2021.)

“If I have one sip of alcohol and I have an emotion other than happy it’s a problem. If I’m happy he’s totally fine,” Lindsay alleged. “If I have something else in me that’s not so Stepford Wife he literally cannot handle it.”

She argued, “He’s constantly being, like, ‘How many drinks have you had?’” noting that if Carl wants to “keep on questioning” her and “judging” her choices then she’s going to “question” him on the things he does.

“You wanna f–king yell at me for drinking when I’m not the one who has a problem? Then I’m going to start picking apart what you’re doing,” Lindsay declared.

The episode ended with Lindsay and Carl seemingly making amends, however, behind closed doors they aired their dirty laundry to different people in the group. After filming ended in August 2023, Us Weekly confirmed that Carl broke off their engagement and they canceled their November 2023 wedding.

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. Fans can stream episodes the next day on Peacock.

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