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Updated on: April 18, 2024

Paige DeSorbo Calls Danielle Fking Nutty Craig Comments
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Paige DeSorbo called Danielle Olivera “f–king nutty” on Summer House after she started questioning her romance with Craig Conover.

“I love him. He’s my friend,” Paige, 31, said of boyfriend Craig, 35, during the Thursday, April 18, episode of the Bravo series while chatting with Kyle Cooke and Danielle, 35. “I think of him, like, ‘That’s my best friend.’”

Kyle, 42, noted that he felt a “little uncertainty” on Craig’s part when he visited the Hamptons earlier that summer. (Craig confessed to Kyle during season 8, which filmed in summer 2023, that he was OK if his relationship with Paige didn’t result in an engagement after previously wanting to put a ring on it.)

Paige wasn’t worried, telling her pals that she knows she’s “going to marry him but it’s going to be on my terms.” While Kyle had her back, Danielle was critical of Paige’s answer.

“[That’s] because you have his balls on a f–king mantel,” Danielle said of Paige’s need to be in control. “I’m going to keep it real with you, I think you’re giving him nothing. [Do] you actually think this is a forever guy? Or are you just this badass bitch doing your own thing and he’s really good for right now?”

Paige stood her ground, telling Danielle she doesn’t feel like she’s stringing Craig along at all. (The pair have been dating since summer 2021, but still live in two different cities: New York and Charleston, respectively.)

“Danielle stands on a very moral high ground. That she can tell everyone when they’re making the wrong decision or acting poorly,” Paige claimed during a confessional. “But when you turn the mirror over … where did she go? [She] runs right away.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Paige confided in Amanda Batula about her bar confrontation with Danielle, admitting it was still on her mind.

“She kinda, like, tried to grill the f–k out of me. She’s like, ‘Craig gives you everything and you give Craig nothing,’” Paige recalled, noting that “on paper” Paige has a much better life because she’s in a relationship and has a job, which she said Danielle didn’t have.

Paige explained that she thought Danielle’s rift with Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke in summer 2022 was to blame for her current attack on Paige and Craig’s relationship. (Danielle criticized Lindsay, 37, and Carl’s romance when they got engaged in 2022, which caused her to be uninvited to the wedding. Carl, 39, and Lindsay split in August 2023.)

“Please call Lindsay and get her back here to take her friend. We made a mistake. We don’t want her anymore,” Paige said in a confessional, referring to both her and Amanda, 31, befriending Danielle the summer prior. “This has been too much.”

Paige and Amanda ultimately agreed during the episode that Danielle was not the person she previously claimed to be. “I might eat my words, but I kinda get where Lindsay was coming from last summer,” Amanda told Paige.

Paige was in total agreement, adding, “Bro, I so get where Lindsay was coming from last summer. I am seeing a side to her that I’ve never seen before. She’s kinda f–king nutty.”

Summer House airs on Bravo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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