Simon Pegg is predicting that Tom Cruise will eventually depart the Mission: Impossible franchise to pursue other creative opportunities that are “completely different.”

Cruise is known for challenging himself in his roles by taking on his own stunts, including several that have been death-defying. And Pegg, who has starred as Benji Dunn in every Mission: Impossible film since 2006’s installment, has been there to witness many of them.

During a recent interview with The Independent, The Boys actor was asked if he could see himself continuing to work with Cruise post-Mission: Impossible, whenever that may be.

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“I don’t know,” he said. “I love working with Tom, and he’s really good fun to work with but I get the feeling that when Tom goes off and does other things, it’ll be a completely different thing.”

Pegg believes there’s more to Cruise that fans haven’t gotten the chance to see on the big screen yet.

“He has a whole other age to come in his career,” he explained. “He’s a very good actor, a very, very good actor — as we’ve seen in Magnolia and Jerry Maguire… I think when he finally stops jumping off shit, he’ll have a third act. And yes, it’d be nice to be a part of that.”

Cruise began seeking the thrill of doing his own stunts in 1986’s Top Gun and has continued to push the limits of his body and acting ever since.

But the action star has no plans to step away from his Ethan Hunt character anytime soon. Earlier this year, Cruise said he wants to keep making Mission: Impossible films into his 80s, like Harrison Ford, with his Indiana Jones films.

“Harrison Ford is a legend, I hope to be still going, I’ve got 20 years to catch up with him,” Cruise told the Sydney Morning Herald in a July interview. “I hope to keep making Mission: Impossible films until I’m his age.”

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