Chuck Schumer is preparing to have a vote on the Democrat bill that aims to take over elections at the federal level.

Since he knows he doesn’t have the votes he needs to do this, he and other Democrats are talking about blowing up the filibuster, but he didn’t always think that was a good idea.

In 2005, he said that doing this would be a ‘doomsday’ for democracy. What changed?

Townhall reports:

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Flashback: Schumer Called Eliminating Filibuster ‘A Doomsday for Democracy’

In another anecdote proving that the only standards Democrats have are double-standards, it turns out Chuck Schumer was for protecting the filibuster before he suggested it would be yet another casualty of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ agenda to remake America to fit their warped vision for the future.

As Rebecca covered Monday, “In the New Year, Democrats are upping their ruthlessness to get what they want” as “Democrats have been trying to pass voting legislation that would amount to a federal takeover of elections but have been able to get any Republican support to overcome the filibuster.”

If Democrat attempts at a federal takeover of elections that would eliminate and prohibit several popular common-sense election security policies isn’t gaining support in the Senate, it’s probably because it’s a shortsighted partisan power grab the likes of which the U.S. Senate was set up to prevent…

So, the thing Schumer says is now threatening American democracy itself — the filibuster — is something he said must be protected when he and his party were the ones who needed it to slow Republican action. To eliminate the filibuster, Schumer insisted, would “be a doomsday for Democracy.”

Here’s the video:

Does Schumer not remember saying this? Do any of the Democrats?

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Source: Gateway Pundit

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