Did you know that damages caused by hackers in the 2020s are measured in hundreds of billions? The estimates say that hackers will cause around $10 trillion in damages annually by 2025. If you think your company is too small to be attacked, you better think again, as SMEs are the ones most commonly hurt.

Hackers won’t spare anyone. If they get the chance, they’ll intrude and wait for their opportunity if there’s none at the moment. Virus worms inserted in office networks can lay low for months, or even years, until they are unleashed.

Every business owner has an obligation to find the best methods to protect the corporate network. There are tons of IT solutions for business subjects that will handle the issue, but at the end of the day, the main focus should be on prevention rather than solving problems.

In this article, we share tips on creating a secure network and never allowing hackers to break into the system. We will talk about the various ways they are doing this and how you can prevent them. Follow up and learn more about creating a secure office network.

1. Teach your employees about phishing scams

More than 60% of all successful hacks come from phishing scams. Phishing is a hacker’s way of making people “invite” them inside your network. They will send an email to an employee in your company, often impersonating themselves as someone else, and ask for the worker to click on a particular link.

Since the employee trusts this person, they click whatever link is inside. They don’t pay too much attention to the sender’s email and install a virus inside the system that allows hackers to easily be part of it. Teaching your employees not to click just anything may save the company from serious problems.

2. Set firewalls

Every website on the internet we open is a potential hazard. All of them carry some sort of virus within, so a powerful firewall that will prevent these viruses from installing automatically is essential. A good antivirus and antimalware program is always recommended.

These firewalls are not almighty and won’t protect you from just anything, but they are enough to keep your system working fast and without issues. However, your office network will collapse within hours if you don’t have any.

3. Keep data in the cloud

Cloud services provide a very convenient way to stay safe. Instead of keeping all valuable information and documents on office servers, you should upload them to the cloud. A cloud service is a storage provider that keeps everything online and has staggering security.

This way, you get flawless security and free hard drivers and servers within the office, allowing employees to work without issues. Whenever you need something, you log in to your cloud account and get what you need. Even if hackers break into the office network, they won’t find anything valuable.

4. Hire an agency to monitor network activity 24/7

The best way to keep everything safe and secure is to hire an agency that will monitor your activity 24/7. This may be pricey, but this is the best cybersecurity solution. Someone is constantly logged in and sees if an intruder is there.

When all your employees are home, the network will only show the essential network activity that allows it to run, but if there’s something else, it means someone’s trying to hack the system. An IT professional may instantly change passwords, limit access, or even delete sensitive data on your behalf when something like this happens.

5. Change router and modem passwords frequently

Even if you hired an IT agency to protect you non-stop, it’s still wise not to risk anything. Frequently changing your passwords will make it harder for hackers or anyone else to break into the system. Do this as often as possible. You don’t have to do it daily, though. Once a week or even less is just perfect.

Set strong passwords too. It will be easy for hackers to break into a password made only from numbers or small letters. Use everything available, from capital letters to symbols. This way, hackers cannot easily pick through your virtual doors.

6. Keep the server room locked

This may be more important than many people think. Keeping the server room locked and preventing physical access is crucial for your safety. If you’re a company with lots of employees and fierce competition, someone will always try to break into your systems and snatch information.

Competitors may bribe some of your employees or infiltrate an outside person that will get the credentials and access to the hardware. Once there, they can inflict great damage. Keeping the server room locked and the access limited to the modems and routers is vital.

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