Transferring files from your PC to iPad is an efficient way to get the files you need on your iPad. Though it looks complicated at first to transfer files, especially between devices that run on two different platforms, there are a few easy ways in which you can transfer your files to your iPad. The standard way is to use the iTunes app for windows to get the job done. But the process is quite tedious and doesn’t support the transfer of files of all formats. In this article, we will discuss how to get around that and a few other ways to transfer files from PC to iPad. Some methods require additional hardware like a USB tom Type C converter. But you can pick the method that suits you the most.

Transfer Files from PC to iPad using a USB stick

This is the easiest method to transfer files to your iPad. All you need is a USB drive and a USB to Type C adapter.

1. Connect your USB drive to your PC and copy the files you want to transfer to your iPad on it

2. Now, connect the USB drive to your iPad using the USB to Type C adapter

3. Open your File Manager on your iPad and Move the files to your desired folder.

Transfer files from PC to iPad.

Note: If you are having trouble with the iPad recognizing the USB device, then update your iPad OS and try again.

Transfer files from PC to iPad using iTunes

1. If you don’t have iTunes on your PC or laptop, download it from Apple’s official site and install it. If you already have iTunes on your PC, skip this step.

2. Open the iTunes app on both your PC and iPad and connect both devices with a USB cable.

3. A popup will show asking for file transfer permission on your iPad. Tap on Allow to continue.

Tap on Allow.

4. On your PC in iTunes, click the little iPad icon on the top of the window. And select the File sharing option in the sidebar.

5. Now, you can see a number of applications that can share data between your devices like, Chrome, VLC media player are the most common apps shown.

6. Select an app and click on the Add File button from the bottom of the interface.

Select an app.

9. Choose a file from your Pc to add it. Then, click on the Sync button.

10. Now, you can access the added files on your iPad in the file manager under the app folder

Transfer files from PC to iPad.

Transfer Files from PC to iPad Using iCloud Drive

1. Download and install the iCloud drive for windows from the Microsoft Website.

2. Then, Open the iCloud Drive on your PC and tick the Check Box near the iCloud Drive.

Open iCloud Drive

3. Drag the files you want to transfer to your iPad into the iCloud folder. The free version has up to 5GB of cloud storage.

Transfer files from PC to iPad.

4. Now, open the iCloud on your iPad and download all the shared content.

Transfer Files from PC to iPad using Google Drive

Using Google Drive is a lot easier as it doesn’t need an app on your PC. With the free 15 GB storage, you can quickly transfer files from PC to iPad.

1. Visit the Google Drive website on your PC using your browser and upload all the files you want into the Google Drive window.

2. Then, install Google Drive from the App Store on your iPad.

3. Once the installation is complete, Sign in to your Google account and download the files you want to on your iPad.

Google Drive.

To Conclude

I hope this article effectively brought you everything you needed to know on How to Transfer Files from PC to iPad and all the options that come with it.  The easiest method is to use a USB Drive, but if you don’t want to buy an adaptor, you can go for the other methods. If you prefer cloud storage to transfer your files, Google Drive offers more free space than iCloud. In the end, what matters is your preference so go for the method you find attractive.

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