• Update TCL Roku TV: Go to Settings System System UpdateCheck Now Update Now.
  • Update TCL Android/Google TV: SettingsMore Settings Device Preferences AboutSystem UpdateNetwork Update → Press OK.
  • Update TCL Fire TV: Select Settings My Fire TV About Check for System Update Yes.

Is your TCL Smart TV freezing out? Then, it is most probably because of the outdated firmware. To fix this, you have to update the TCL Smart TV to the latest version. This article describes the steps for updating the TCL Smart TV firmware of any TV model.

Steps to Update TCL Smart TV

Depending on your TCL TV’s operating system, you can go through the following steps to update its firmware to the newest version.


1. Grab the remote controller and press the Power key to power on the TCL Roku TV.

2. Go to Settings from the drop-down options.

Select Settings on TCL Roku TV to Update

3. Next, you have to select the System option available in the Settings section.

4. By clicking on the System Update, it directs you to a separate screen.

5. Select Check Now to search to browse for the available updates.

6. If the updates are available, a pop-up dialog box is shown on the screen. In that, press the Update Now option.

This initiates the software update process and your Roku TV restarts automatically.

TCL Android/Google TV

1. After turning on the TV, go to the home screen by pressing the Home key on a remote.

2. Then, select the Settings icon shown in the top right corner of the screen.

3. A small dialog box will appear on your Android TV. Click Device Preferences and select the About option. For Google TV, tap the System option and choose About.

Select Device Preferences to Update TCL Android TV

4. On the next page, click the System Update option.

5. It displays a software update pop-up dialog box, in which you choose Network Update.

6. If there are new updates available, you can click on the OK option on the prompt dialog box.

Update TCL Fire TV

1. Upon turning on your TCL Fire TV, move through and select the Settings option.

2. You have to select the My Fire TV option shown on the screen.

Choose My Fire TV to Update TCL Fire TV

3. Then, proceed by selecting the About option to update the Fire TV.

4. Tap the Check for System Update option to browse for the latest updates.

5. If available, click Yes to initiate the update process.


Is there any alternative way to update the TCL Roku TV?

Yes. You can update TCL Roku TV firmware using a USB drive. Download the TV firmware file by visiting Then, copy it to a USB drive and plug it into a Roku TV. It will detect the update file and begin the process.

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