There are a lot of factors that go into making your business stand out. But the most noteworthy ones include faster page loading speed, interactive UI, and optimal store performance. But is there a platform that can help you create an online store with these functionalities by default?

Well, Magento 2 is the right pick if you want an intuitive online store to scale your eCommerce business. But even with the outstanding default features, you must still seek Magento extension development to leverage its full potential. Talking about extensions, the first one you would consider implementing is the theme!

Over time, Magento store owners have mostly preferred Progressive Web Applications (PWA) as their primary frontend theme. It was a hit as the store owners experienced its productive attributes. PWA had a monopoly of being the best theme for Magento stores until Hyva was introduced.

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Hyva is considerably being used as an alternative to PWA as the frontend theme for the Magento store. Now, it has created a dilemma of what’s better between the two. Therefore, this article is about educating you on the potential comparisons between PWA and Hyva to help you choose the most suitable one for your store.

What is A Frontend Theme For A Magento Store? Why is it Important to Choose One?

Frontend is the terminology used to describe the part of a website accessible by internet users. The frontend theme becomes the foundation of your Magento store, setting up its appeal and functionality. A lot of things go into integrating a frontend theme, which includes page layouts, headers & footers, site background, positioning & sizing, and others.

The frontend store design for your Magento site will be in control of major theme components through the CSS stylesheet. The web designers and developers will be using the same stylesheet for developing the entire website or just a part of it. You will have the liberty to modify the CSS stylesheets.

The importance of emphasizing choosing the right frontend theme for your Magento store is inevitable. It will narrate the entire journey of your online store! User experience is of utmost priority when you are running an eCommerce business. And a good interactive theme has the capability of enhancing it!

Thus, you can expect casual store visitors to become your loyal customers if you deliver them a good experience while they are in your store. Therefore, choosing between PWA or Hyva theme extensions for the Magento store is not just a dilemma anymore but a necessity.

How are PWA and Hyva Theme Extensions Compared With One Another?

Magento 2 PWA extension ensures the store loads faster and works feasibly when offline. It provides the users with a good experience on both mobile as well as desktop devices.

On the other hand, the Hyva extension is an open-source and impactful frontend theme for eliminating all the loopholes that Magento stores had with their standard theme. The stores built over Hyva extensions are lighter in weight and load even faster than PWA sites.

But, before you come to any conclusions, we must check the comparison points between the two. Here are some comparisons between PWA and Hyva for you to decide between these two popularMagento extensions for eCommerce stores:

1. Performance Comparison

Page loading speed of your online store can be very impactful in deciding the bounce rate and conversion rate of your business. As per Google, if a web page has a slower loading speed of 3 seconds or more, around 53% of the visitors bounce off that page. Apart from that, you must know that your store’s loading speed will also impact your Google SERP rankings.

Therefore, performance consideration is the best comparison factor between PWA and Hyva. Magento 2 PWA extension can scale your website’s performance quotient with the use of Service Workers and the browser’s cache. Some brands, such as MakeMyTrip and Jollyes, switched to the PWA frontend theme to reduce page load time and boost the site speed.

Alongside that, the Hyva theme has high performance as its unique selling proposition. Integrating this would simplify the overall code structure of your Magento 2 store and make it rely on Alpine.js and TailwindCSS. Thus, the performance will scale beyond bars at lightning speed.

2. Functionality Comparison

A PWA frontend theme has the capability of providing your store with a plethora of functions such as offline mode, push notifications and add-to-home screen. Users had a great experience with PWA Magento stores, as they got to use some features of the site even without the internet. Moreover, push notifications are enabled to keep the customers engaged with your brand.

In short, the PWA theme ensures your Magento store gets app-like functions to improve your customer satisfaction quotient. On the other hand, Hyva has some default functions which are meant to replicate minimalism in your store without integrating any complexities.

Even though there are not many default functions, you can integrate third-party Hyva modules to extend the capabilities of your store. As Hyva is an open-source frontend theme extension, you have the flexibility to run such functional integrations on it.

3. Target Business Comparison

Hyva theme is ideal for your Magento store if you are a small or mid-sized business. It is because Hyva extensions will make it easy for the developers to integrate the theme and for customers to access the store features. But, if you are running a large eCommerce store, Hyva’s simplicity might restrict you!

Magento 2 PWA extension is a brilliant choice if your eCommerce business is constantly scaling. Apart from that, PWA is still the best fit if you are already running an enterprise-grade store with a big audience and humongous product catalogs.

Parting Words

PWA and Hyva frontend themes are the best Magento extensions for e-commerce stores. They both have their share of positives and negatives. Ultimately, it depends on your business size and specific preferences to make a final choice.

Talk to your Magento developers and take their suggestions on what theme would make more sense for your store. Once decided, get into their store and make the purchase!

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