Probably not the best way to start the NFL season, by missing the very first pre-season minicamp. Every NFL team has a tradition to start the pre-season training with a minicamp and those who miss out on the schedule get fined. At the New York Jets, coach Robert Saleh confirmed that Aaron Rodgers is not attending the minicamp and he is not excused from doing so. This means that the coach is not happy with Aaron Rodgers’ absence and he will more than likely be fined for doing this. Coach Saleh spoke about Rodgers’ absence but was only limited to explain that the reason hemissed the minicamp was due to an event thatis ‘important to him’. Yet Saleh didn’t offer more details further than that.

Aaron Rodgers calls for team doctor after injury scare at Jets practice – VIDEO

Coach Saleh was the one who broke the news

Early on Tuesday, coach Robert Saleh was the one who confirmed there are two inexcused absences for the minicamp. One of them was Rodgers and the other one was pass-rusher Haason Reddick. Saleh was very clear to tell the press he understood both players and their reasons to miss the minicamp. However, he also did confirm that both absences were inexcused because there needs to be discipline inside the team. Saleh didn’t seem angry or anything like that because he’s been talking to both players about their respective situations. Now people will start speculating on which type of event was more important than the pre-season start with the New York Jets.

Remember that Aaron Rodgers hasn’t played almost at all since he arrived at the team due to an Achilles tendon full tear that happened during last season’s opening game. Since then, Rodgers has been recovering from the injury and even hinted he would return faster than expected. But the Jets‘ QB didn’t accomplish what he wanted to do and remained inactive. Now that he is supposed to be recovered, he has this event to attend. Stay vigilant to find out which event was the reason Aaron Rodgers missed out on this important date.

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