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Aaron Rodgers wants to do a Kobe Bryant: Tells Pat McAfee his return plan from Achilles injury

Aaron Rodgers took half a week to get Achilles surgery from Dr. Neal ElAttrache, the same specialist who operated on Kobe Bryant’s Achilles when he suffered tht injury back in 2013. This same doctor also reconstructed Tom Brady’s knee back in 2008 but the Kobe Bryant recovery has to be the most successful from this doctor’s resume. This was back when Kobe had already won his five rings but he was still determined to return to his best shape after that career-threatening injury. Achilles tendons usually put even the greatest athletes to the test and many of them are never the same after that. But Kobe managed to return in order to play for a couple more years before retiring in 2016. Aaron Rodgers‘ plan is to do what Kobe did, he confirmed it during a Friday interviw on Pat McAfee’s ESPN show.

Give me your doubts…then watch what I do” – Aaron Rodgers pledges to return to NFL after injuryPat McAfee Show

Here’s what Rodgers said: “First of all, I knew that Kobe had done his Achilles so I looked into it right away. On the table at Monday night, I though about Kob and I’d seen Muse but forgotten that he’d gotten surgery on the next day. I have a friendship going back many years with Dr. Neal ElAttrache, Neal worked on my collar bone back in ’17 so I’d already texted him from the locker room and I just wanted to know how quickly we could get this done. I didn’t realize Kobe had gotten it the next day, but I didn’t want to waste any time. There’s a lot of different ideas about the overall rehab. I think what I would like to say is: just because someone hasn’t done it a certain way, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I got definitely some odds stacked against me based on age. But I like it, stack all the odds against me and see what happens.”

Can Aaron Rodgers come back to his best form?

Just as Aaron Rodgers said, this will definitely be the most important test of his entire career. Returning to his best level of performance as he pushes 40 years of age is definitely something you don’t see everyday. Right after this injury, many doubted Aaron mostly due to his age but this fueled his determination to return even more than anyone expected. Other interesting cases of the same injury are Kevin Durant, Xavi Hernandez, and Klay Thompson. Every single one of these players suffered the same Achilles tendong injury and took a long time to recover but they all returned to their best level of performance. Hopefully, Aaron Rodgers can join that list as well.

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